Marketing a good film always has a crucial role to play in its performance. While most follow a strict routine methodical way of reaching out to audiences, perfectionist Aamir Khan always rendered his intrinsically distinct style to catch the attention of his audiences. Once before 3 Idiots released, a popular business magazine quoted Aamir as the wide reaching marketing maverick of sorts when he was determined to invite diverse ranging crowds to watch his urban set film. Indeed that happened, as 3 Idiots till this year remained the highest grossing film in domestic box office.


Why is Aamir’s marketing strategies so important? While his last film Talaash was barely marketed, people are awaiting the magical marbles of Dhoom 3 strategies to be spilled soon.

The exciting marketing program began when Khan dedicated the title track of Dhoom 3 to the little Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar who is finally bidding aideu to international cricket after two decades of showing us spectacular games. This isn’t the first time Aamir has banked on Tendulkar’s wide reach to promote his flick.

Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

In one of the promotional stints for 3 Idiots, it was carried by the media that Aamir Khan has gone missing much like his character in the film. It was a game which called for the people to find Aamir Khan. The director Rajkumar Hirani and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra were apparently clueless about the man’s whereabouts. There was nothing left except a video on the film’s site which had the clues of the seven places where you could find Khan. The first clue was with Sachin Tendulkar!

The success of 3 Idiots’ promotions were stellar as the film managed to draw in people for varied margins of the society.  It became so successful that in nearly 3 years no film even neared the reach of the same. The plain strategy adopted for 3 Idiots was detaching the product from its marketing approach. For instance in none of the promotions was Khan propagating the reasons why one should watch 3 Idiots. This time again he has begun on the same route. Drawing parallels with Sachin’s skills at creating Dhoom on the crease and the title of his song made more sense. It did create a good hype for the song and yet it carefully keeps the motive of reaching out the film very blatantly under wraps. One would watch the song that personifies and upholds the spirit of Tendulkar more. It wasn’t the title track of Dhoom 3 that was made quintessential but Sachin’s retirement that currently holds greater value amongst most Indians that was encashed. It was a clever way of going about things but the final goal was attained nevertheless. Despite ordinary music, and a dull video – people might be inclined to associate it as the song that marked the end of successful era in Indian cricket with the retirement of a star like Sachin.

Though Dhoom 3 is currently in a very early stage of promotional activity, it is a given that once the film’s promotions begin we are all up for a roller coster ride which will hopefully reach us to an exhilarating film that Dhoom 3 promises to be.




    • Of course, if movie is bad, it will flop, but promotions play an important role. 2 biggest hits of this Multiplex Era have been of Aamir Khan. His marketing and promotions were pathbreaking and very conventional, you just cant deny, Aamir is Marketing Wizard

  1. Only idiots say that D3 will be a flop because of its first song…”Dhoom machale” isn’t awesome, but is still way better than Krrish 3’s horrible soundtrack. A bad album didn’t stop K3 from being the highest grosser ever !

  2. obviosly DHOOM3 will b a marvellous hit… bt its also a fact that the title song is nt at par wid DHOOM2 title song… this proves that no one can dance like HR… he is the best…!!! and Amir should nt b called Mr. Perfectionist coz Farhan Akhtar is more perfect that Amir Khan…!!!

    • If you want to watch dance, please stick to Dance India Dance.. Dhoom 2 was a shit compared to Dhoom. John did a better job than Hrithik. Also, D2 had Aishwarya..

      Dhoom 3 will have a good story and that is why they opted for Aamir, not that 6 fingered mutant Hrithik.


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