Dhoom 3 Movie Poster
Dhoom 3 Movie Poster

Shortly before the release of Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra starrer Dhoom 3, our reader has written it to us how he isn’t even remotely flattered by the film’s first few glimpses. As a guest blog post by our readers, Koimoi.com brings to you a write up by Raj Kaka on his first impression of this product of the franchise. Read on…


We know that Aamir Khan is a perfectionist in his work. There is no denying that he puts full effort to make his movie good. But this time I think Aamir is all set to disappoint and not impress. Here are my reasons why:

Whether it is the movie’s first poster or some scenes in the trailer, they are totally seem o be lifted from a host Hollywood movies (poster from Dark Knight Rises and a trailer scene from movie Now You See Me). A clear lack of originality is the last thing we expect from this Khan after the standards he has set in Bollywood.

Some stunts in the trailer are very bad which is again not expected from Mr. perfectionist. There is a scene where he jumps from the terrace of a building and no cop even tries to shoot him down. Rather he salutes the cops from escaping. I understand that Khan wants to tell us how mesmeric a theft he executes that even the Chicago police was left stunned at it, but to me it was rather lame.

I found the first look of Dhoom 3 very dull. The level of film seems very low as compared to Dhoom 2. Unreal graphics, noticeable mistakes like Aamir wearing the visible face helmet (Unlike what John wore in Dhoom in which his face was not visible) and it is hard to believe that no policeman in Chicago could capture the thief.

In my opinion, Katrina is not looking hot this time in Dhoom Machale song as compared to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who was a crackling sight to watch. Same stunts and dialogues are performed by Abhishek and Uday if you notice in trailer.

After three editions of Dhoom raising the bar of work each time, Dhoom 3 has nothing appealing or stellar to offer. There is nothing we haven’t seen before and Dhoom 3 has already failed for me.

This much awaited movie of the year might just be a damp show and I for one don’t think that this year will end with dhoom for the audiences.

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  1. Wow gr8 now tell me how much you got from SRK and HR to give negative Reviews before the release of the Movie. You are totaly burn of D3 wait and watch It will break many records.

  2. I can’t believe how deeply biased a particular website can be for a particular star. Now you see me released in may 2013 by which time all of dhoom 3 shooting was over barring a few songs. You go about publishing anything a tom, dick, harry says without verifying it yourself. Such dishonest actions will only reduce the number of viewers to your website.

    • Krish3 ko to Koimoi ne ekdum Bakwaas Bataya thaa, lekin krish3 ka result kuch aur kahaani bata raha hai. Mujhe to lagta hai yeh Negativity bhi ek Publicity Stunt hai public ko theater tak laane ke liye. Bhai kisi koi bharosa nahi,

  3. I respect your observation, however, I found your article a bit baised.firstly, the trailer has set the new record of highiest ever watched promo on yotube which illustrates that people are excited about it,secondly, it’s not the very first time when an actor is wrapped up in a role larger than life. Its just goofy making a comment on a perticular scene of the movie without even understading the situation.I am wondering if how can one decide whether the movie is copied or not without even watching the very movie. Its just like giving your opinion on the food which looks similer but you never tasted before.

    Naysayers always see the dark side of everything.I would like to drop my my final words “action will speak louder than words”


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