Romance and heartbreaks are a daily dose in Bollywood films. A love story is incomplete without the breaking of hearts, crying, lying, a few misunderstandings and then finally the happily ever after. But the best part is the ‘loveology’   lessons these films give us.They say prevention is better than cure, so here are 7 ways Bollywood taught us to how deal with a heartbreak situation.

Check out 7 ways to deal with a heartbreak here:

Hog On Ice cream! It’s A Painkiller


Listen To Sad Songs Over & Over Again!

Get Yourself A Complete Makeover!

Cry, Cry Till You Succeed!

Write A Book About It And You Could Call It – 2 States

Take On A Trip By Yourself!

Drink Up! It Will Not Only Make You Forget Your Pain, But Your Name Too!

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