The upcoming drama Revolver Rani starring Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das has created quite a stir thanks to its fiery trailer. While it is up for release this week, we give you our reasons why we want to watch this movie and cannot give it a miss.

Check Out Our 7 Reasons Why We Want To Watch Revolver Rani:

1. Coz we wanna see more of Alka Singh’s Italian ‘Pha-son’ (Say It, Like You Read It!)


2. Coz We Are Too Curious To See How ‘Mard Ko Dard Hoga’

3. Coz We Wanna See What’s So Power Tripping About This ‘Tharki Mama’

4. Coz We Want To Find Out Who Is More ‘Sanki’ Alka Singh or The Villains

5. Coz The ‘Toy Boy’ Premi Ka Talent Hamein Definitely Dekhna Hai

6. Coz We Want To Learn Chambal’s Faadu ‘Eenglees’

7. Coz This Sick, Twisted, Psychotic, Wild Revolver Rani Sounds Just Too Interesting!

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