Gunday Movie Poster
Gunday Movie Poster

Films, Bollywood for me has always been about excitement and being a filmy buff I am, it is the emotional food I primarily thrive on. It might be a controversial statement to make but I stand by idea that commercial cinema is utter crass these days. However, it seems Ali Abbas Zafar is going to give film lovers a wonderful gift this Valentine’s Day packaged in the delightful wrap with Gunday. For a film lover, a rightly formulated film is a rarity and finding a refreshing commercial film in Bollywood an obsolete dream.


Let me walk you through the top 5 reasons why I can’t wait for Gunday.

The Mystic Charm of Kolkata

I have lived in Kolkata for years and cine lovers like me can assure you that the city is perhaps the best place to shoot your film if you are looking for the choicest antiquities. The sprawling acres of Ganges and the backdrop of Howrah Bridge speaks volumes about the ambiance of a bygone era. Director Ali Abbas Zafar has chosen carefully the most exciting scrim for what seems like a candid story.

Sholay Encore

When the film had released, it was panned by most critics. And yet today most seasoned film critics agree that Salim-Javed’s writing in Sippy’s Sholay classifies as path-breaking for the fervor it exhibited. There was an intense raw appeal, adequate sensuality and infallible inclusive thrill which commercial Bollywood had symbolized had all been enmeshed in Sholay. Gunday from its trailer seems to bring back the same unusual excitement and rustic gorgeousness to commercial cinema. Even if it isn’t perfect and has glitches, it would be enough if there is any remote endeavor on part of the film to abandon the norm of South Indian-ish remake style, bang-boom, car flying style, gravity-defying manner of films. I hope the complains of my flock about the less inspired scripts will be put to rest as Gunday has the look of a more intelligent writing.

Forget the Heroine; Revamped Jai-Veeru are back!

No offence to the brilliant actress Priyanka Chopra but when we go through Gunday’s trailer, it is Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor’s chemistry that steals the show. They might not be screaming ‘Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todengey’ but evidently the duo in words of Ranveer Singh have been buddies since, “Jab hum sabko jante they lekin humein koi nahin janta tha” times. Clearly their real life energy and affection translated well on screen. However, this isn’t exactly inkeeping with nuanced bromance Farhan Akhtar had coined with Dil Chahta Hai, they are surely more on lines of Jai and Veeru – loud, dramatic and stellar.

Kaala Patthar

Zafar admitted that he was heavily moved by Kaala Patthar and Zafar in terms of look manages to infuse the same grime of the narrative that the Yash Chopra original had. If I may sound amateurish, the soot-laden clamor looks exciting to me. Zafar has chosen quite a forgotten look and feel for his story.

Irrfan Khan

The versatile and superlatively talented actor is cool, calculative cop who is probably given to handle Bikram and Bala’s case. When it comes to his name, perhaps most wrongs gather chances of being ironed out. He embodies a certain level of class, commands poise and when in frame as the parallel lead in the film. Though it will be hard to not root for the adorable male leads, the demeanor of Khan’s confidence is perturbing.

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