Arvind Kejriwal recently stormed Delhi and won over the assembly elections. His AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) gave a tough blow to the BJP and Congress as it emerged as a winner. Interestingly, Kejriwal’s story has more often than not been associated with the popular Hindi film Nayak starring Anil Kapoor which was also a tale of how a common man makes it big in the political world.


Well, we recently learned that he was offered a role in the upcoming Bollywood film Dirty Politics where he was expected to portray the role of a feisty journalist. Although, a busy Kejriwal dropped this offer and the role was finally carried on by Naseeruddin Shah.

Amidst all the speculations of Kejriwal turning down the film, here is a funny take on why he could have said no to Bollywood:

1. Was Kejriwal Scared Of Hearing Mallika Sherwat’s ‘Happy Birthday Arvind Kejriwalji’ After Working With Her? (Remember “Happy Birthday Narendra Modiji”!)

2. Oh Wait! Was Arvind Kejriwal Suffering From His Usual Cough & Cold Condition Which Would Be Difficult For A Good Dialogue Delivery?

3. Playing The Role Of A Journalist Would Call For Acting Lessons To Be Taken From Arnab Goswami – Scared The Hell Out Of Him?

4. Was it because the Makers Were Against His Idea Of Promoting The Film By Sitting For A Dharna At Delhi’s Ram-Leela Maidan?

5. Kejriwal Wanted To Make Sure His Bollywood Debut Will Be Named ‘Nayak 2’?

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