Love it or don’t, you can’t ignore the ‘Bahubali’ trailer. The film stands out for extensive animation, larger than life war sequences & a mind boggling gold statue that puts Mayawati to shame!


As the film revs closer to release, we tell you five reasons to watch out for this Southern magnum opus.

First Of Its Kind Production Process

on the sets of 'Baahubali'
on the sets of ‘Baahubali’

S S Rajamouli is known not to repeat his filmmaking style. With ‘Bahubali’, a dream that he has nurtured & worked on for five years, he has pushed the envelope of meticulous detailing and pre-production. For over a year, this film’s pre-production focused on building a wholly different world of vast war fields and megalomaniacal palaces. Of course, there’s a giant waterfall in the mix too. 120 days were spent shooting just the war sequences, a physically demanding process for both it’s leading men- Prabhas & Rana Daggubati. Dedication doesn’t cover it, ‘Bahubali’ is a film that this team lived & breathed for 3 years.

Prabhas & Rana Daggubati

Prabhas and Rana Daggubati in a still from movie 'Baahubali'
Prabhas and Rana Daggubati in a still from movie ‘Baahubali’

While making this film, it’s leading men have done nothing but shoot, build bodies & shoot again for 2 whole years! In Rajamouli’s words, Prabhas decided to sign off 2 whole years for his ambitious war epic at the peak of his success in Telugu cinema. With classic Indian mythology style war scenes & advanced animation & DI, India’s most expensive film is a gamble for both its heroes too. And their anger as well as aggression looks convincingly raw onscreen.

Imagination Bending VFX

Imagination Bending VFX 'Baahubali'
Imagination Bending VFX ‘Baahubali’

Rajamouli has used the Arri Alexa XT cameras to sharpest digital quality for this film; it’s visual effects & animation has taken more than a year to fructify. In creating a world where kings enslave fellow men, and elephants, horses as well as men fight side by side, the film has aspired to meet international standards. The film focuses on bringing alive Indian mythological tales like never before. As the Indian film going audience gets habituated to a diet of Hollywood’s staple event & war movies, ‘Baahubali’ has a pretty high standard to meet. It’s makers seem confident that their inherently Indian story will.

S S Rajamouli

S S Rajamouli on the sets of movie 'Baahubali'
S S Rajamouli on the sets of movie ‘Baahubali’

Karan Johar is a self professed fan and admirer of this lanky, soft spoken filmmaker. Many others also admire him for his innovative story telling skills & range of filmmaking. Be it ‘Eega’ (Makkhi in Hindi), Magadheera, the sports film ‘Sye’ or ‘Vikramarkudu’, Rajamouli has told stories on celluloid that fascinate and baffle conventional thinking. He calls ‘Baahubali’ his dream come true; clearly its worth giving a chance.

Massive Wars on Screen

still from movie 'Baahubali'
still from movie ‘Baahubali’

As Rana Daggubati has said, shooting for the elaborate & complex war sequences of this film’s battle scenes was the most challenging part of making it. Both its heroes had bulked up, adding over 20 kgs to their frames to be able to sport heavy armour. Training apart, coordinating these sequences on a never before scale stretched it’s crew to the limit. But with their eyes set on Hollywood hits like ‘300’, and unrestricted budget, the film’s wars seem sufficiently heated, bloody & gory to win over action movie buffs.




  1. bahubali a must watch film for all as the sound scenes creative side of intelligent story telling techniques,excellent visuals,extrodinarysketch of characters, suspenceful ending creating great urge to wait for next episode, ,out of all sheer topmost imagination ofnever before scenes in wars, romance villany ,keen detailed and minutest projection of feelings of characters that elevated the film to the highest standards


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