While we were all having gala time watching Filmfare Awards last night, a channel away Mahesh Bhatt declared the same awards as an mirage, a mere illusion. While the veteran filmmaker made some really controversial and debatable remarks on the show, he wasn’t very incorrect when it came to designating Filmfare as shammy.

Indeed the awards are such a sham and the word ‘deserving’ has ended up in a derogatory state after witnessing who won what. Though the list of award winners have been out since Friday, watching it first hand was a bigger thud.

I bring to you the most undeserving moments of Filmfare 2014. Entirely a personal opinion, but deserves to be heard!

1. Trendsetter Of The Year – Chennai Express:

Chennai Express Movie Poster
Chennai Express Movie Poster

Well, when there is no category to felicitate Shah Rukh Khan, don’t worry. Voila! We’ll create an utterly stupid category! May I ask Filmfare, how on earth was Chennai Express a trendsetter? In terms of what, fashion – not at all, dialogues – yeah, right! story – shut up already! Direction – as if cars haven’t flung enough before! It’s high time award functions stop boot licking the King Khan. King governs enough respect already, such shammy buffoonery can be ignored!

2. Best Music – Aashiqui 2:

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Aashiqui 2 and Lootera Movie Poster
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Aashiqui 2 and Lootera Movie Poster

With due respect to the film’s music that went viral, the year has definitely seen better musical gems. Aashiqui 2 with its repetitive, uninspired and bland music might have strum the chords of many hearts, but when it comes bestowing an award it was shameful that a more deserving Lootera and even the supremely popular Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani lost out in the race. What has Filmfare forgotten – how to be fair or the understanding of better music?

3. Best Debutant Male: Dhanush

Sushant Singh Rajput and Dhanush
Sushant Singh Rajput and Dhanush

I am all for Dhanush when it comes to this award, but what shocked me was how the respected jury missed out on awarding Sushant Singh Rajput. A lack of filmy connection may we say? There could have easily been two best male debutants of the year, because Sushant was no less than Dhanush in terms of impactful performance or the intensity of roles. Perhaps Sushant should have married a legend’s daughter to have bagged an award.

4. Best Dialogues – Jolly LLB:

Raanjhanaa, Jolly LLB and Shuddh Desi Romance Movie Poster
Raanjhanaa, Jolly LLB and Shuddh Desi Romance Movie Poster

Jolly LLB was a very interesting and watchable film. But to hail its dialogues over Shuddh Desi Romance in terms of wit shows a clear lapse of judgement. Jaideep Sahani’s understanding of young relationships was crackling and for that film to miss out in this category was bizarre. Or even Anand Rai’s Raanjhanaa whose dialogues like, “Pyaar na hua, UPSC ka imtihan ho gaya. Dus saal se paas hi nahi ho raha.” are unforgettable. Remind me one dialogue from Jolly LLB please?

5. All About Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur & Lootera

The Lunchbox and Lootera Movie Poster
The Lunchbox and Lootera Movie Poster

While both Rajkumar Rao and Shilpa Shukla won their rightful share of accolades with the Critics’ Awards, why was a Trendsetter-like Award not created for Irrfan and Nimrat. Had it not been for them, The Lunchbox wouldn’t have come across as wonderfully as it did. The film was decadent to say the least and to not have its leading actors win anything at India’s premier award ceremony was eerie. And mostly, why was Lootera forgotten amidst the categories. Vikramaditya Motwane’s magical work which even made an actress out of flimsy Sonakshi Sinha was unceremoniously missed out at the Filmfare’s.

To conclude, it won’t be erroneous to say that Filmfare Awards and all of its likes have an extremely lobby based approach. Though the main intention of any award function is to celebrate the deserving, the connotation of deserving has blurred over time, failing to keep to the brackets of right and wrong.

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  1. And ur undeserving is a bulshit becoz aashiqi 2 has the music of decade!
    Jolly llb inspirationally supreme in dialogues..
    Yes lyrically i would have chosen shikayetein frm lootera over zinda but ur undeserving does makes no sense,and dhanush my goodness family background,plz go and watch what has he done in raanjhana.
    Dhanush well deserved an award

  2. Filmfare Awards are fake Shah rukh khan buy awards for publicity (100% true this) about Danush you are totally wrong. Danish has deserved this award . The whole thing is that Baiyya K , all awards are fake That’s y Aamir khan dnt like to join awards show People like SRK They buy Awards or do free dance to get Awards!!

  3. CE ws d trendsetter of d year coz it created d revolution in d indian cinema breaking all d existing records of that time … nd collecting massive 227 cr !!!!!! nd fr music .. i loved d music of ranjhanna nd yjhd as well !!!!

  4. Though CE was a superhit just bcoz of SRK, but Mr. Basu had given four stars to CE… what was the basis of that and now he is saying totally opposite!!!

  5. Jolly LLB dialogues in the court scene were good and those moments lifted up the entertainment quotient of the movie.
    The final court submission by both Boman and Arshad were clap worthy.

    Dunno how dialogues like “Pyaar na hua, UPSC ka imtihan ho gaya………..” makes a memorable instance.

  6. Chennai Express deserved great amount of awards…!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. I hope koimoi audience poll awards will do justice with chennai express………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I m following koimio since years n i came to dat dis site is only againest Shah Rukh khan n can make bussiness of krish3 of 178crores into 240crores n bussiness of yaarian 27crores into 40crores,dis is rubish….

  8. Well, ce didn’t deserve any award. Lootera and lunchbox deserved much more awards.its prvd all award functins r fake.

  9. In actual Koimoi is Gone Mad, Ashquee 2 music was great, music of Yjhd was good too but they cant give award to all, In My openion wrongest award was Best VFX which was given to dhoom 3 but Krrish 3 deserved it

  10. THis Year Filmfare is very irrespectively represented and this is very unenjoyable to see that Chennai Express won trendsetter Awards.

  11. I totally agree with your few opinions but not with all 1:obviously there is no need to always give away awards to SRK even there is no category for him to fit in just because he is present in every award show. I mean trendsetter of the year for god sake even if you say yes let it be so according to box office collections it would be dhoom 3 or krish 3. in number 3 i dont agree because if someone is working hard you have to give him reward a tamil actor proved his mettle stepping in a romantic avatar into a hindi film how can u say he is not deserving. once again i agree on number 4 by comparison ranjhana has very solid dialogues but u cannot neglect the realistic performances of arshad and buman let me tell u some dialogues u asked for bachpan se sunata k qanoon k hath lambe hote hain…ghanta lambe hote hain merot ka hun auqat pe agaya to …. ka ghurgaon bana dunga

  12. these rubbish people will always write against srk and try to become famous same like that shilpa shukla, just see her mentality she did not say anything about her role but critisize filmfare and srk

  13. K3 delivered the best vfx in bollywood..but lol D3 took away the award..red chillies vfx got national award last yr & dey will get it this year 2 & dat will b a slap on Filmfail awards face

  14. rofl…Pritam ke gaane to chori ke hote hain(YJHD)….amit trivedi is too noisy except 1-2 songs(Lootera)..aashiqui2 had the best music..dikh raha hain kise akal nahin hain….filmfare ko ki koimoi ko…

    best dialogue to ranjhana ko hi milna chahiye tha…par jolly llb bhi itni kam nahin thi….

    best debut bhi ekdum sahi tha…kya dialogue maare usne..I hope u were not a fan of pavitra rishta…

  15. Hello,
    I completely understand the anger and I am with you for every single one of your points except for the Best debutant male. I thought It was rightly given to Dhanush as he had more emotions to display than Shushant in Kai po che. Both were brilliant but I guess Dhanush has to get brownie points for 1. Better character 2. Better understanding of the emotions. 3. He is quite new to hindi he made us understand his dialects and then made us all his fans. And The last line of son in law of a legend was uncalled for when you yourself said that he deserved the award equally.

  16. usual nonsense how can anyone say that Aashiqui 2 repititive ..this reviewer does not know anything abt music!! Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari and Jeet Ganguly have done a meticulous job… atleast 7 songs are blockbuster… which perhaps has not happened to any album in atleast last five years!!

  17. I think you are a great supporter of irfan khan or what ever ..do you have some sense or you are jelousey with sha rukh khan ..before giving any comment think 100times what are you writing ..many times people are unnecessary against someone because of some personal issues .in my view hero must be like ahero whyshould we like and give award to someone like irfan khan (may be he is agood actor) nawazoddin siddiqui,saurab shukla etc etc actually they must belong to art cinema, commercial cinema and masala films most people want to see and chennai express was afilm ful of comedy and songs were also good and sharukh not get the award so why this fellow is jeolous of him

  18. agree with all the above and u forgot to add the vfx won by D3..i think when u have around a film like K3 it’s clear who is more deserving!

  19. what a shame no category CHENNAI EXPRESS award .. 2013 ka sabse bada film krisshhh 3 kaha hai kyun rakesh roshan , hrithik, krisshhh3 ko down karna chahata hai b-town bollywood mai its great film story sahi hai it should go oscar awards…

  20. writter of this particular post is a big time looser, he just wants attention..so guys stop giving it, this post didnt even deserve to be repluied..i knw i replied jst to tell everyone that…how the hell dhanush is nt deserving, how on earthone can say somthng lik that abt aashiqi music..grow up…

  21. What stupid article… I really don’t why koimoi is behind aashiqui 2.. I have to say it was undoubtedly best album of last year. Coming to newcomer also Dhanush really deserves it atleast check your own poll before make an article on it

  22. sushant was brilliant but in terms of award winning performamce….he had no chance against the super super brilliant act of dhanush in raanjhana…!!!! i didnt like shushant winning awards for best debut in other award functions…but at last filmfare..the biggest of them all recognized the fantabulous act of dhanush…hats off to him and anand l rai…..

  23. please ban this mohar basu . disgusting . dhanush should win best actor instead of farhan and she is comparing him with sushant . music ahsiqui 2 is right choice and last but not the least who should win trendsetter of the year ? CE is not a milestone flim but it was good . Childern enjoy it and lungi dance is the best thing happend this year in bollywood in terms of entertainment . So please ban mohar we are fed up with this human’s (not sure)judgement .

  24. Filmfare Awards have become just another TV event and a sham ceremony long back which is why so many stars don’t even bother attending. Trash films are gifted awards while performances like Aamir in RDB, Hrithik in Guzaarish or Sridevi in English Vinglish are ignored. Absolute rubbish!!!

  25. yes…chennai express was a trendsetter….no doubt….cause 1st 200 followed by another 2 in 4 months…
    it was thoda hatke movie…cause no one even dare to use tamil dialogue in their movies….
    it wasnt a francchise but still it covered such a long way….

  26. i don’t deny the fact that sushant is a good actor .but telling that dhanush was awarded because he is a legends son in law is ignorance because dhanush is already a national award winner at such an young age and he is respected in south india only because of his talent.he doesen’t even have the charming face of majority of heroes.

  27. where is YJHD AND KRISH3 ?

    Ye KOI MOI Wale Only Khans ka hi promotion krte hai

    ya aesa bolna sahi hai ki KOI MOI Khans ki site hai

    ye log ye bardasht nhi kr sakte ki nya ladka (Ranbir Kapoor) inse aage nikal jaye

  28. and yes ashiqui 2 fully deserves the award for the best music…everyone can have his/her own opinion about the awards but publishing an article just on the basis of your personal choices and opinion should have been avoided…


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