While we had earlier done a feature on 20 Different Kinds Of Slaps In Bollywood, on popular demand here are a few additions to the list. This time adding a few more to the list, we have to mention that these slaps particularly deserve claps for their momentum and the intensity that these brought in the filmy scene.


Here are the Slaps that deserved Claps:

Goonjwala Slap

If you have watched the epic film ‘Karma‘, one cannot forget the slap scene of Dilip Kumar and Anupam Kher where in, the Jailer gives a hard hitting slap to the film’s antagonist Dr. Dang. The famed dialogue, “Iss Thappad Ki Goonj Suni Tumne? Ab Iss Goonj Ki Goonj Tumhe Sunayi Degi” made it even more epic.

Slap Pe Slap

Who can forget the epic Golmaal scene where in Ajay Devgn pretends to be a blind old man and gives not one or two but a series of slaps to Manoj Joshi who plays the college principal. The scene was hilarious to watch and certainly left us clapping with every slap!

Bhaai Ka ‘Dabangg’ Slap

The Chulbul Pandey-Makkhi’s love hate relationship comes to the fore with this scene and if anything less, the confidence with which Salman says, “Ek barr phir shamaa maangte hain” is even more impressive.

Singham’s ‘Ata Majhi Satakli’ Slap

When Singham goes through the ‘Ata Majhi Satakli’ mood, who can getaway from his wrath? The intensifying slap that Singham gives to a politician who is trying to meddle in his work makes this scene extremely powerful. There is a certain impact created by this slap and of course when Singham slaps, there needs a clap!

Lady Singham’s Karara Slap

If Singham can slap full power, his lady Singham is no less. In this scene from Singham Returns, Kareena Kapoor and her lady brigade slap one of the politician, who wants them arrested by policemen. The scene became famous with the dialogue ‘Lady police kab ayegi’.

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