Who have thought that Arjun Kapoor would have fitted so well in the role of the candyfloss Krish Malhotra from 2 States. Anyone who has read that book cannot help but fall in love with that character. Largely inspired from the life of Chetan Bhagat himself, 2 States is a story of his marriage with his Tamilian wife. The cultural divide between the North and South isn’t unique when it comes to cinema but Chetan Bhagat’s book with all its nuances was well written. One of the primary reasons why the trailer is hard to miss and so winsome is because director Abhishek Varman doesn’t experiment much with the tapestry staying loyal to Bhagat’s original.


That exactly is both the worst and the best thing about the trailer that has everyone wowing over it. Book adaptations are a challenging affair because it is important to present to the audiences something other than they have already seen, known and in this case loved. But Varman sticks strictly to the book, almost line by line not showing an ounce of experimental vein. Bhagat’s last adaptation was Kai Po Che and Abhishek Kapoor did a fine job at it by maintaining the essence of simplicity filling it with its own endearing moments, different from the book. But most moments seen in trailer are all we have known from the novel, Ananya being a Tam Bram who fancies Chicken and Beer, the space occupied by Ananya’s mole et al. Even the ‘uncultured’ Punjabis muttered by Revathy and ‘Fair Punjabi Men’ talk has nothing new to it.

But despite the visible flaws can we dismiss the flattering trailer? The answer will unanimously be dissenting. For different reasons ofcourse. Yes, the best part of the trailer is hard-to-take-your-eyes off chemistry between Arjun Kapoor whose brooding angry looks is what audiences were getting habituated to, almost bordering on stereotyping him in the mould. But as Krish, he pleasantly surprises. Alia Bhatt, however, had proved her vibrant charm in Highway and 2 States is disparately different from it and one can bank on her and admit that she will play Ananya with ease.

Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in a still from movie '2 States'
Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in a still from movie ‘2 States’

The supporting cast of the film has been carefully handpicked keeping in mind the backstory of both Krish and Ananya. While Krish’s family troubles are more intense, with his mother being a victim of domestic abuse, Amrita Singh and Ronit Roy both clearly are great choices Ananya’s mother subtle lack of confidence and self morale is what I am personally waiting for more eagerly especially because Revathy dons the silver screens after a long time.

In the end, it comes from the heart of Bhagat fan who considers 2 States to be amongst his better works that this film better turn out just as bright, breezy and vivid as the novel. All for the greater purpose, nay?

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