Popularly known as the Man with the Golden Heart, Salman Khan has undoubtedly turned Bollywood’s biggest launch pad for newcomers. From actors, actresses, and even music composers, Salman has been in news for pushing new talents to gain momentum in the industry, most of whom have become huge stars today.

Turning Godfather for most industry starlets today and other newcomers who don’t have any filmy connection otherwise to survive in this nepotism filled industry, Salman has assured that the fraternity welcomes new talent each year.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

While not just newcomers, Salman has helped his other contemporary actors and directors get back the necessary pace and save their failing career to fall apart (read Govinda, Subhash Ghai and others). In the run up to his film where he yet again launches a new face on screen, we bring you 10 celebrities who should be indebted to the Dabangg star for Being Human!

Katrina Kaif:

Katrina Kaif

There is a huge reason why we kept her at the top. After having an utterly disgusting debut with a film that Boom-ed with doom at the box office, Katrina Kaif had to walk up to a certain Salman Khan to make her re-entry into Hindi films, this time as an actress and not a mere piece of meat and sexual innuendos. Signing Katrina up for his brother’s production gave in more fuel to rumours of them being in a relationship and henceforth, Katrina started getting numerous offers and the rest was history. After an alleged affair with the star which ended years back and films that escalated her as the topmost heroine in the league, Katrina had established herself big time in B-town. But would anything have happened without Salman? We wonder.

Sonakshi Sinha:

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha, or famously as we call her Shotgun Junior, would not have needed Salman to launch her in films, because she did have her own godfather sitting at home. But Salman, who noticed the spark in her eyes and the talent in her body language, asked her to lose weight as he decided to launch Sonakshi in Dabangg. And boy, what a magical debut that was. With just one power packed dialogue in the entire film, Sonakshi became the new ‘it’ girl, as her dreams of being a reputed fashion designer gave way to becoming one of the brightest commercial heroines that Bollywood had till date. With raining crores earned with each film and sharing screen with the heavyweight superstars, Sonakshi has arrived and how.

Arjun Kapoor:

Arjun Kapoor
Arjun Kapoor

Another heavy-weight actor (this one was literary true), who was self trained by Salman and brought into the limelight was Arjun Kapoor. Bollywood’s Fooboo who was, once upon a time, a giant sized starlet, lost oodles of weight and got fit, thanks to a strict workout schedule that Salman had enforced upon the actor! Today, as his female fans go gaga over his dimpled grin or those wicked stares, we can only say Salman ka jadoo chal gaya. And the Boney Kapoor lad is extremely grateful to the star as Salman brought in confidence in him, after he was laughed at most of his formative years!



Among the list of all B-town glittering icons, we have this wonderful music composer duo who were suddenly the flavor of the season, after our Sallu miya decided to give the newcomers a huge break in Bollywood. With Partner’s music busting the charts and following it up with a huge Wanted album, it was Dabangg which made Sajid-Wajid a household name! As of today, they are Salman’s prime composers and it’s them, who Salman trusts almost blindly as they keep belting out one melodious album after the other!

Himesh Reshammiya:

Himesh Reshammiya
Himesh Reshammiya

Very few people know that the Salman-Himesh bond dates back to almost as old as the 1998 when the music composer created one of the most refreshingly piping numbers for the star. Remember the crazy ‘Odhli Chunariya’ number from Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya? Well the magical number was crafted by this talented music director and soon their flames caught fire and they became good buddies. While Salman helped Himesh yet another time with Tere Naam which brought him his first ever Award for the Best Music Director, Himesh happens to be the person who gets to have Sallu’s first call when any tune catches the star’s frenzy! That’s how Salman and Himesh created the iconic Teri Meri number from Bodyguard. Wow.

Sneha Ullal:

Sneha Ullal
Sneha Ullal

When the Aishwarya-Salman fairy tale romance hit rock bottom, giving rise to speculations and triggering off the so called Bad Side of Salman Khan in total public view, the actor somehow decided to launch a new face; a face that resembled his ex-love Aishwarya Rai. Salman who at that point, was obsessed with Ash, made desperate attempts to get back to her and this was just about it. He noticed this girl, his sister’s friend at college who totally resembled Aishwarya. And that’s how a certain Sneha Ullal made her screen debut opposite our Bhaijaan in a totally forgettable flick, Lucky: No Time for Love!

Zarine Khan:

Zarine Khan
Zarine Khan

While Sneha Ullal went down the roads of history in Bollywood, vanishing without a trace, Salman decided to launch Zarine Khan, one who resembled his then ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Labelled as Fat-Kat majorly for huge weight issues, Zarine was criticized and heavily shunned because of the flak in her acting skills and her immense similarity with Katrina, who had by then become the top most actress in the industry. Although she was given a big, fat Bollywood film for a much awaited debut, the results of it were anything but Big! But then she did make it up with her second film Housefull 2, crossing the 100 crore mark.

Elli Avram:

Elli Avram
Elli Avram

When she made her entry in the Bigg Boss 7 house, little did we know who this firang babe was. Although she had her debut film, Mickey Virus up for release, people would not even have recognized this B-town diva had Salman not been so lenient to her on the show. More famous for her closeness and affinity towards Salman Khan, the Elli-Salman rumour grabbed headlines and prospects of a future film with Salman cropped up across the media. With Salman’s support, Elli kind of had an angelic stint at the big Boss house where her cute innocence won hearts nationwide. And it would not be a surprise if the two finally gear up for a film together anytime soon.

Sana Khan:

Sana Khan
Sana Khan

Another Bigg Boss contestant who had Salman taking up numerous stands for her on the show and even post the show was Sana Khan. Sana, who is all set to make her huge Bollywood debut in the recently up for release Salman movie, Jai Ho is definitely another person who should owe her career to this helpful and friendly star.

Daisy Shah:

Daisy Shah
Daisy Shah

Salman’s lead in Jai Ho, Daisy Shah was nothing but a back up dancer working in the Dabangg songs when he first spotted her. After having an instant liking, Salman even approached Daisy with the role that Hazel played in Bodyguard, that is of Kareena’s friend. But Daisy was too high-to-shoes to have declined the offer. Next time, Salman returned to her was with the titular female lead role in Jai Ho, to which Daisy just jumped in! And now with Jai Ho releasing in about two weeks, we surely know Daisy’s life will be another Cinderella story, for sure, if not more!

And not just that, the list seemingly seems endless as Salman is all set to launch Aditya Pancholi’s son, the controversy’s-new-child Suraj Pancholi in the Hero remake along with Sunil Shetty’s daughter Athiya Shetty!

Not just that, Salman, who launched Katrina and was the biggest reason for the rise and rise of the leggy actress has also decided to do her another favour as he roped in Katrina’s sister Isabelle in Dr. Cabbie, another home production of the generous actor.

After all these names and loads to be added to the list in future, all we can say is Jai Ho, Salman!

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  1. From all the actress who got break due to Salman only Katrina has talent & look(Excepting Ilii) so she deserve what she got today.

    But all others are neither good look nor good acting skills.

    Salman just waisting his time,money & films for these crap heroines.

    He should help some new talented or good looking actresses who really deserve to be in bollywood.

    When we saw Daisy Shah in first song of Jai Ho we stunned by thinking OMG she is the lead heroine..! Even our TV actresses looks much better than her.And after watching her expressions in that song(Even worse in Photocopy song) we really fill sad for actresses like Tamanna,Kajal Agarwal etc who are not getting proper film with someone like Salman who has all powers to settle them in bollywood.

    • Have you witnessed that? Or you have just watched Madhur Bandarkar’s film. Even Madhur does it. It is a norm in Bollywood! Bad those who use others and betray. Period!

  2. Salman Khan is a criminal, he murdered a person by driving his car over him, he killed innocent rare animals, such a shame that he is considered a star. His place is behind the bars.

  3. sach kahon to salman sir ki isi ada ki wajah say mai salman sir ka dewane ki tarah fan hon

    ap logo ne aksar dekha hoga salman sir ne hamesha apne superstars friends ki movies ko promote kia he

    salman sir hamesha jitna ho saky apne friends ko bohat support karty hen

    lv u salman sir

  4. People who only used salman KHAN…BUT NEVER LIKED HIM
    1> Katrina Kaif::;:current ran beer partner
    2> Sonakshi sinha: fat girl turned heroin
    3> Aishwarya rai: abishek wife…who first loved salman
    4> Preety ZINTA:never married salman she didnot like him
    7> SURAJ PACHOLI:not good person
    9> GOVINDA: hunger strike him due to having no money and partically coming to road with family due to financial crises to him….GAVE HIM PARTNER AND BAHAGAM BHAG MOVIE…SO GOVINDA PAID BANK LOAN OF HIS HOUSE


  5. he repents his mistake/crime and now has become a good person. Jail is a place to rectify someone of their mistake, since he has changed without being imprisoned, I don’t think it is necessary for him to be behind bar. You guys should appreciate his good deeds rather then digging old Salman(his past). Keep up the good work Salman sir.


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