Alia Bhatt is without a doubt, one of the most inspiring stars out there – not to forget, one of the most versatile and talented too! She has changed so much since her debut in 2012.


From playing a teenage girl born with a silver spoon in  Student of the Year to playing someone suffering from Stockholm Syndrome in the critically acclaimed Highway and tackling issues like depression in Dear Zindagi, Alia keeps pushing her boundaries, delivering one amazing performance after the other. And despite that, she manages to be super relatable and a lot like the rest of us.

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt

Don’t believe us? Then let’s celebrate her 25th birthday by trying to relate to this millennial icon. By using gifs obviously!

1. Sunday: When you waste your entire day and realise you have to go to  office tomorrow.

2. Monday: When you reach your office and your boss asks for your assignment!

3. Tuesday- Gossiping with your co- worker, instead of working! :P Nizagara


4. Wednesday- Realizing you’re just halfway through the week!

5. Thursday- You realise you have to work overtime! Fildena

6. Friday- Thank god its Friday! :D

7. Saturday: When you’ve had one too many drinks! 




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