An unusual question came up at the launch of song Keeda from Action Jackson about the ruling in Haryana that blames technology for the rapidly growing sexual terrorism and rapes in India.

Reacting to it, superstar Ajay Devgn said, “I don’t completely agree with this but the flip side of technology is that with 3G and 4G becoming more readily available for everyone. While that is fine, the chances of it being used wrongly has increased. People often have porn stacked in their phone. So the question remains does everyone deserve what is being meted out to them.”

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi, however, came out staunchly in disagreement. She said, “Whether fully clothed or in bikini, No from a woman means No.”

Action Jackson directed by Prabhudheva will star Sonakshi and Ajay in lead roles and is all set to release on 5th December.

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