Shama Sikander, who wooed all of us with Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s song ‘Baje Jo Bhansi Thama Karo‘ back in 2002, has only grown gracefully like wine all these years. She’s currently in Croatia and we exclusively got in touch with her to see how her vacation is going on.

3 reasons why Croatia beats every other country in the world?

“I think since I’ve travelled so much and all I can say about Croatia is that it’s definitely one of the coolest, most chilled out most casual vibe place. It doesn’t force you to be formal and all. You can just be yourself at any day, at any point in life or at any point in the day or night.”

Adding more to it, she said, “You can go to a nightclub wearing chappals and shorts if you like. So that’s one reason. Secondly, people here are very very nice and very helpful, tall, beautiful, good looking. The other reason would be I like the whole vibe of it, there’s nature, this beautiful ocean, this beautiful town. Some of the Game Of Thrones portions were shot here so now it’s like a very famous tourist attraction for GOT fans. Some beautiful small little towns here, they have its own charm. They look a bit different because they don’t just look European. They have a bit of Europe, the tropical Mediterranean feel to it. It’s just beautiful. You would have to come to visit it. l love nature so there’s a lot of nature here. Mountains to trek, sea, so both the places I love exist here. So yeah these are the 3 things I would say that has in Croatia all together in comparison to a few other places. Although there are few other places in the world that also has a similar kind of beauty, the chilled vibe makes it different from the others.”

3 tips to remember while visiting Croatia?

“Do carry Kunas, nobody accepts Euros here. The prices when you see online they show you in Euros but then people only accept Kunas. Although it is very easy to exchange here, still. Secondly, carry a lot of your beach care because there are so many beaches you would want to go and swim and what else? Pack light you would not need many clothes here in the summer. So just pack light but pack your really good fashionable stuff so that you can carry them around at the beautiful locations and click some great photos. There’s not much shopping here. That also people need to know, who love shopping here. It’s mostly tourist sightseeing, going on the beach, going swimming, going for a trek and a place. Not a very shopping oriented place. Although there is shopping it is less than the other countries.”

Things your travel bag is incomplete without?
“A good sunscreen, extremely important. The sun is extremely strong here so good sunscreen, good hydrating creams because it’s also very dry. A lot of swim care. Snorkel, yeah, although you can find it here whenever you would like to go somewhere I like to carry. An underwater camera if you love underwater photography. Good clothes, and a lot of water all the time to keep yourself hydrated. The sea here is quite rough. As in it’s not very sandy beaches. They have a lot of stones and pebbles so you must buy these amazing foot-wears. Here they have to save your feet from pebbles or any kind of stone poking in your feet, in Croatia for sure. Also, keep a small jacket because at this time of the year it gets a little bit chilly in the night. So just like have a light jacket or a shawl will do.”

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