Subtle is for life and drama is for the films. We love it that way only, with heroes and villains making the characters larger than life we feel entertained or what we say in our lingo ‘Paisa Vasool’. Though with younger generation in play we too have taken a U-turn towards the Hollywood style of film making.

We have more realistic cinema now but no one can deny the era of 90s and around that where it was all about the emotions. Even the stars of today who have adapted to the new technique and language of cinema had their share of films filled with emotions. Here is a run down the memory lane for us to see the stars in a different spotlight of emotions.

There is a dialogue which truly embodies our thought, ‘Aa dhekein zara, kisme kitna hai dum…mein bhi kar sakta hun acting, dekhte ja sanam’.

Shah Rukh Khan


Kkk…Kiran!!! The dialogue stick to Shahrukh and haunted him for quite long. The ham acting though portrayed the strong emotions well but the spill was inevitable.


Koyla, one more disappointing performance. Portraying a mute character i guess wasn’t his cup of tea. Intensity needs to be controlled sometimes is what we can learn from this performance.

Kal Ho Na Ho

Well over the time Shahrukh did knew how much emotion and what intensity combination to put in for a role. But the same remedy cannot be used for all. A little tweak here and there won’t make much of a difference, it still falls under the same category.

Salman Khan

Tere Naam

This was performance with which even the fans were not satisfied. This isn’t criticism but probably this is what happens when stars try to do the so called work of the category ‘Actors’.


There is a difference between the medium, which makes us act different for TV, Plays, Films etc. What category am i suppose to put ‘Veer’ in i still don’t know.

Hrithik Roshan

Mission Kashmir

We don’t need dialogues to act. Hrithik proved that in ‘Mission Kashmir’. Even with so little dialogues he spilled it over beautifully. I think he would be referring the film for his future performance for what not to do.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge

Sometimes you can’t blame the dialogues, they are written to please people. But what we can do is act them out in a way that can make them believable and not overdone. What happened Hrithik? Oh! Don’t worry we will cut you a lot of slack here.

Aamir Khan

Tum Mere Ho

It will be very shocking if Aamir tells us that he never did any theatre. At least in this film one can make out parsi style of theatre out and loud. It’s a film Aamir, i guess now you would be able to make the difference.


Everyone does their share of mistakes. The Aamir Khan that we see today is a result of all the mistakes that he did in his earlier films. But one must say that he truly learned from his mistakes.

Ajay Devgn


This was among the very first films of Ajay Devgan. But by that time i guess there were a number of films for him to refer to for the character. Did he took the trouble? Well i guess not.


It’s a close mid shot. I guess you are familiar with the term. So, does that ring any bell as to the subduedness for the reactions?


Well we know your entree in the Bollywood industry was that of an action hero. But you evolved, but i guess there is still a streak left which comes in high emotional dramatic scenes.

Saif Ali Khan

Mein Khilari Tu Anari

We love gestures, but that doesn’t mean that we need to enact every word of the dialogue.

Aashiq Awara

This film truly depicts the era of nineties. Where the acting and dialogues went hand in hand. If saif synchronized his skills according to the era, well we can’t totally blame him, can we?

Akshay Kumar

Dil Ki Baazi

There it goes the prototype of  dramatic scenes. Maa Beta Scenes, these were specially written for the stars/actors to show what they were made of. Akshay came out with flying colors for the same.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Though the film was a hit and everybody appreciated. But can Mr. Akshay Kumar explain that what kind of a doctor was he potraying: fun part we got but was he mentally well? At least by the acting we sometimes get in a fix.

Khatta Meetha

The era which terrorizes of heart seems to be back with this performance. Khatta-Meetha remind us what we tried so hard to forget, the ham acting and spilling all over.

Kareena Kapoor

Mein Prem Ki Deewani Hoon

If Bebo was given a wish, i guess to delete this performance is what she would opt for.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

The glamour doesn’t cover the spill. The scene was designed to be dramatic, atleast you could have curbed your will to act.

Priyanka Chopra

What’s Your Rashee

I have no clues as to what was going on in priyanka’s mind before taking on the project. Even the audiences were confused what did they pay for? Was it a costume drama or a film. What ever it was we were full to the brim till the time it was over. I hope priyanka will never try something like this ever again.


Kali, the character spoke marathi, hindi, english and tapori. Well if you are trying to put forward a well written and worked on character then you actually have to work. Even small loopholes are evident enough.

Everyone has their own share to mistakes, with which they grow. So, we can’t literally blame the same for the stars who have grown over time and adapted to the new style of subtle cinema. But the past will always be there for us to look back and enjoy the journey.

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  1. Jyoti ahlawat u are the perfect example of KAAM KE NAA KAAJ KE DUSHMAN ANAAJ KE….Shaayad tumhare dimaag pe gas chadi hai…yaa tumhare brain mein piles hai…you need a psychiatrist..!

  2. Ajay did not overact in Deewanagee. He proved once again he can act by his eyes either. He can never overact even he tries.

  3. PLz guys aaj pehli baar koi ladki hai jisse acting ka koi abcd pata hai.please accept sach hamesha kadwa hota hai. aap log zindagi mein itne drama pasand hain to koi kya kare. and @rk shahrukh ki best film of his entire career was chak de and swades.

  4. the only thing i liked was priyanks chopra in whats ur raashee was horrendus. one should charge money to watch that movie.

  5. plz stop living in 90s and fans hone ka ye matlab ye nahi hai ki blind ham acting bhi wah wah ki ajay. times are changing people like ranbir are comming doing films like rockstar. watch cinema stop watching the srka nd salman in the films.good one .

  6. Guys, you really need to get over SRK, amir and all… seriosuly.. darr overall was great was SRK at places was like OMG!!! its time to hand over the reigns over to the new generation… i think its a great review of actors and see how bad their starts were… and piggs chops need to decide what is it that she really wants to do.. auto tune her voice.. act.. or wat?? being a star is one thing and being an actor is another.. if u really have to like SRK like him for chak de.. swades.. like ajay for omkara.. saif for dil chahta hai… priyanka for aitraaz… but these films mentioned here are drama and nothing else.. the writer has done a great job!!! Cheers jyoti.. keep up the good ones coming…

  7. Dear Writer,

    I have a suggestion.

    Please stop writing such type of bullshit articles. Go and join some acting school as a teacher and give some brilliant actors to your nation.

    You are doing a wrong job. Why are you wasting your time and energy in writing?

  8. was reading and article and later comments….wht article was about is totally writers own views… the way people commenting :O……some one can easily understood with the comments….that why bollywood dont invest in quality rather thn making money out of big faces.


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