Padmini Kolhapure

Padmini Kolhapure's Biography
Padmini Kolhapure

Name: Padmini Kolhapure

Birthday: 1st November, 1965

Zodiac: Scorpion

Marital Status: She married Pradeep Sharma, the producer (also known as Tutu Sharma) and they presently reside in Mumbai and they also have a son called Priyank.


1) She won the Filmfare award for the Best Supporting actress category in the year in 1980 for ‘Insaaf Ka Tarazu’.

2) Padmini had also won the Filmfare Best Actress award for the film, ‘Prem Rog’.

3) In the year 2003, she won the prestigious Kalakar Achiever Award and later on, in the year 2006, he won the Best Actress Award for a Marathi film titled ‘Chimnee Pakhre’.

Biography: Padmini Kolhapure, the renowned Indian actress was born on the 1st of November, 1965 to a Maharashtrian family. Pandharinath Kolhapure, her father is a famous classical singer and her mother, worked at a post in the airlines. Tejaswini Kolhapure, Padmini’s sister is also into acting and her other sister Shivangi is married to the renowned Shakti Kapoor. One of the cousins of her father, Dinanath Mangeshkar is the father of the renowned singers Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar.

She started her career as a child when she used sing along wither her sister Shivangi in chorus for movies like ‘Kitab’, ‘Dushman Dost’ and ‘Yaadon Ki Baarat’. Later on, Padmini even sang for the movies in which she herself appeared like ‘Hum Intezaar Karenge’, ‘Vidhaata’ and ‘Sadak Chaap’.Further down the line, she along with Baapi Lahiri brought out an album titled ‘Music Lovers’. In 1986, the Great London Council was witness to Padmini breathtaking performance along with Baapi Lahiri’s team in London at the Royal Albert Hall.

Asha Bhosle recommended Padmini’s name to the famous Dev Anand, as a result of which she was offered a role in ‘Ishq Ishq Ishq’ (1975). This was followed by back to back films like ‘Zindagi’ (1976), ‘Sajan Bina Suhagan’ (1978) and ‘Dream Girl’ (1978), ‘Gehrayee’ (1980).

Padmini’s mother had to quit her job in orger to guide Padmini as she was receiving more and more roles for films back then. Raj Kapoor’s ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ (1977) was the film where she gave a commendable performance by playing the role of a child. This was then followed by a remake of the film ‘Lipstick’ (1980) which was titled ‘Insaaf Ka Tarazu’ (1980) where Padmini donned the controversial role of that of a rape victim. In the original film ‘Lipstick’, this role had been played by Mariel Hemingway. She bagged the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress award for her mind-blowing performance in the film. She started appearing in heroine roles from the age of fifteen, starting with ‘Zamano Ko Dikhana Hai’, directed by Nasir Hussain. Next up, she starred in Raj Kapoor’s 1982 film, ‘Prem Rog’. In both of these films, she appeared opposite Rishi Kapoor.

Padmini Kolhapure was recognized in the filming community for her diligence and professionalism. Even during times when she suffered from fever, she effortless worked hard on the sets of ‘Do Dilon Ki Dastaan’. She gave several box office hits like ‘Souten’ (1983) and ‘Vidhaata’ (1982). After the success which she attained along with Mithun Chakraborty for the 1985 film, ‘Pyaar Jhukta Nahin’ she was paired along with him in numerous other films.

She was away from acting for some time as she had to look after her son during his growing period. In 2004, Padmini came back to acting and she appeared in Marathi films like ‘Chimnee Pakhra’ and ‘Manthan’ which turned out to be a huge box office hit. She received the prestigious Screen Award for the Best Marathi actress category. In the year 2006, she starred in Karan Razdaan’s horror movie named ‘Eight: The Power of Shani’.In 2008, Padmini appeared alongside Helen Jairag Richardson in the film ‘Mera Bachpan’. Next up, she worked for films like ‘Abhi Toh Mein Jawaan Hoon’, ‘Asmaan Se Gire Khajoor Pe Atke’, ‘Kaash’ and many more. She made her entry into Malayalam films in 2011, with ‘Karmayogi’, directed by V.K Prakash. This film was based on Hamlet by Shakespeare.

Padmini was initially considered for Tulsi Vidhan’s role in ‘Kunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. This was after Smriti Virani opted out of this television serial, but this role was finally given to Gautami Kapoor.

She had also been into a controversy in the 1980s when she kissed Prince Charles.

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