Kalpana Pandit

Kalpana Pandit's Biography
Kalpana Pandit

Birthday: (info unavailable)

Zodiac: (info unavailable)

Age: 44 years.

Marital Status: Kalpana Pandit admits to be unmarried and acknowledges her single status openly, even in a Beauty pageant contest.

Awards: Yet to climb the ladder of the climactic success, this bounty actress has been perceived presenting the technical award for cinematic splendor at the Zee Cine Awards London (2008), which was telecasted globally.

Trivia: She was born in the Mysore district, in Nanjangud of Karnataka. This Bollywood scorcher has walked the red carpet of grand movie premieres of Hollywood as the Indian film industry representative. She was honored to be the guest of the premiere nights for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and the famous Bond flick “Quantum of Solace”. She was highly privileged to acquaint herself with Hollywood biggies like Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and many more.

She is also a renowned executioner of medicine. She is an US-based doctor of medical emergency.

Kalpana Pandit also came to audience recognition when she started shooting ad-commercials and endorsing brands like Sirtex Underwear, Wheel detergent powder, Mysore sandal talc, Nyle, and Ranipal stain. She even runs her home production house famed as the ‘House of Pandits’.

Kalpana Pandit is also famed for her music videos and her self-owned club Gold Club which she runs with numerous screened images and gossips about her.

Biography:  This scintillating hotbod and US –based doctor surely has cure for the screen ailments. Starting with her debut in the multi-starrer “Gangajamini”, she came to recognition with her vibrant screen presence in her debut film directed by the very legend M.F.Hussain.

Following this mega success was her stupefying item number in her next “Moksha”-a film starring Kalpana parallel to lead cast Arjun Rampal and Manisha Koirala. She was also seen to don the actor’s hat in her role parallel to lead actor Sonali Bendre in the film “Pyaar Kiya Nahin Jaata”. Her unswerving devotion for the dance and acting angel Sridevi was quite evident and glaring from all of her cascading series of films and the projects she undertook. Her talent also got highly acknowledged at the screening of her production “Janleeva 555” by Sridevi. Then she delivered a random count of triumphant dance numbers in films like “Pitaah”, “Om”, “Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav”, and “Anandamanandamayee” (Telugu).

Kalpana Pandit is well known for her on-screen innuendos, but her acting skills got polished in the process of her appearances in the films she was offered.  “Praan Jaaye par Shaan na Jaaye” saw her in the avatar of a bewitching reporter who manipulated the millionaire profane magnet by standing against the eviction of humble slum dwellers. “Deha” and “Anubhav” were her critically acclaimed movies which were a bit offbeat her genuine screen appearances and dance numbers. While “Anubhav” dealt with the passion of a copious and affluent woman (a tad yet pivotal role played by Kalpana) went unreciprocated by her beloved- a gigolo by nature, “Deha” was an intricate film built around the life of Kalpana-the supermodel and her fantasized lover-the unscrupulous man who dumps her.

Kalpana’s tasted an about turn as she climbed the ladder of her acting career with “Love Khichdi” where she played the lead actor opposite star Randeep Hooda, where her character is an opulent plushy girl who exploits the merciless Casanova played by Randeep.

After all her myriad stereotype stints and cameos, Kalpana took a turnabout by making a new entry into the film industry with her actor-turned-producer image. She started off with her 1st  home production in Kannada “Jo Jo Laali-a heart wrenching lullaby” with her production house the House of Pandits. This is one of her heart wrenching emotional drama where Pandit plays the lead. This film has also acquired universal status after acquirement of the ‘Quantum Releasing’ of Hollywood. After a truncated break, Kalpana is announcing her come-back with her production and musical Hindi feature film “Janleeva 555” which is scheduled for release this October of 2012. It’s being heard that she has hummed to the tunes of all the 15 songs for this movie. This movie has been shot in her birthplace Bengaluru. This movie also has a starry cast with the versatile Ananthnag and elegant Vyajayanthimala sharing screen space. Kalpana has finally aimed it at large to establish her goal at the big league and she is sure to attain towering heights through proper utility of her instilled talents and well-endowed features.

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