Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar's Biography
Dilip Kumar

Name: Dilip Kumar

Birthdate: 11th December, 1922

Zodiac:  Sagittarius

Marital Status: In the year 1966, Dilip Kumar married the very young Saira Banu. She was 22 years of age back then. Later on in the year 1980, Dilip tied the knot with a girl called Asma. Soon enough his second marriage broke up when he got to know that Asma, with the aid of her former husband was cheating on him and was disclosing most of his secrets to the media. Later on he again got back together with Saira.


1) In 1980, Dilip Kumar was given the honoured position of the Sheriff of Mumbai.

2) The Government of India bestowed upon him the prestigious Padma Bhushan and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1991 and 1994 respectively.

3) In the year 1997, Dilip Kumar was given the NTR National Award by the Andhra Pradesh Government.

4) Dilip Kumar received the Nishan-e-Imtiaz award from the Pakistan Government in the year 1997. This award was the highest civilian award in Pakistan.

5) IN 2009, Dilip Kumar was honoured with the CNN-BN Lifetime Achievement Award.

6) ‘Ganga Jamuna’, directed by Nitin Bose was the only film which Dilip Kumar ever produced.

7) His original name was Muhammad Yusuf Khan. The screen name of Dilip Kumar was coined by Bhagwati Charan Verma, a Hindi writer.

8) He holds the record for winning the Filmfare Best Actor award three times in succession in 1995, 1956 and in 1957.

9) Dilip Kumar recently joined Twitter and he made his first tweet on his 89th birthday.


1) Dilip Kumar holds the prestigious Guinness World Record for having the most number of awards ever won by any Indian actor.

2) In 1993, he was given the most coveted Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award.

3) Apart from the above mentioned awards, Dilip Kumar has won numerous other awards throughout his illustrious career including nineteen Filmfare nominations and eight Filmfare awards in the Best Actor category.

Biography: Dilip Kumar, the King of Tragedy was born in Peshawar as Muhammad Yusuf Khan on the 11th of December, 1922. He is one of the evergreen actors of the Indian film industry and his performances throughout the years starting right back from the year 1944 till the year 1998 has been a treat to watch.

Dilip Kumar was born to a Hindu speaking Pashtun family of 12 children. Lala Ghulam Sarwar, his father used to sell fruits and even had his own orchards at Deolali(Maharashtra, India) and at Peshawar. In the 1930s, Dilip Kumar and his entire family shifted to the City of Dreams, Mumbai in India. Dilip Kumar began his career as a supplier of dry fruits and he even owned a canteen in Pune. His entry into the film world was made possible by the actress Devika Rani and Himanshu Rai, her husband who owned the Bombay Talkies. Both of them noticed Dilip Kumar at Aundh Military canteen and without much ado they casted him with a lead role in the 1994 flick, ‘Jwar Bhata’. This film being his first film did not bring him that much needed kick start, but with the film, ‘Jugnu’, directed by Shaukat Hussain Rizvi in 1947 he shot into prominenceas this film was a major hit at the box office. Following the success of Jugni, Dilip Kumar went on to appear in sevral other hit films like ‘Madhumati’ (1958), ‘Yahudi’ (1958), ‘Devdas’ (1955), ‘Deedar’ (1951), ‘Mela’ (1948) ‘Andaz’ (1949) and several others. He co-starred with the well-known Raj Kapoor in ‘Andaz’, the romantic melodrama directed by Mehboob Khan and with Dev Anand in the 1955 flick, ‘Insaaniyat’, directed by S.S Vasan. Some of his top on-screen pairings are with Kamini Kaushal, Nargis, Vyjanthimala, Meena Kumari and Madhubala. After doing several tragic roles in numerous movies, Dilip Kumar started taking on lighter roles in films like ‘Kohinoor’ (1960), ‘Aan’ (1952) and ‘Azaad’ (1955). In 1960, he enacted the character of Prince Salim in the K. Asif directed movie, ‘Mughal-e- Azam’. Apart from Dilip Kumar, this film had Madhubala, Durga Khote and Prithviraj Kumar in the pivotal roles. This film was a blockbuster and till 2008, it held the record for being the second highest grossing movie in the history of Bollywood.

In 1961, Dilip Kumar produced and acted in a film called ‘Ganga Jamua’ where he and Nasir Khan, his brother appeared in the lead roles. David Lean, the British directed gave him a role in his film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, but Dilip Kumar turned down this offer.Some other films which Dilip Kumar refused are ‘The Rains Came’ and ‘Sangam’.This role was later on given to the Egyptian actor, Omar Sharif. Next up, he came out with the film ‘Leader’ in the year 1964 which failed to create much of an impact at the box office. In 1967, he appeared in ‘Ram Aur Shyam’ which was directed by Tapi Chanakya. In this movie, he played the double role of twins which were separated when they were born.This film went to become a big hit at the theatres. The ever growing career graph of Dilip Kumar slumped a bit during the 1970s when he did movies such as ‘Bairaag’ (1976) and ‘Dastaan’ (1970).From 1976 to 1981, Dilip Kumar took a break from films. He made his comeback into the film industry in the year 1981 with the multistarrer film, ’Kranti’, directed by Manoj Kumar.This film went on to become the biggest film of the year. Next up he started playing single roles in some hit films such as ‘Karma’ (1986), ‘Mashaal’ (1984), ‘Shakti’ (1982) and ‘Vidhaata’ (1982). ‘Saudagar’ in 1991 directed by Subhash Ghai was Dilip Kumar’s last hit film.In the year 1996, he was busy behind his first directorial debut film ‘Kalinga’ but the film later on got shelved.

In 1998, he ultimate appearance was in the film ‘Quila’ directed by Umesh Mehra where he played a villainous role.

Both his movies ‘Naya Daur’ and ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ were colorised and released to the public in 2008 and 2004 respectively.

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