Mumbai 125 KM 3D – Theatrical Trailer | Feat. Veena Malik

Catch the Theatrical Trailer of upcoming horror Mumbai 125 KM3D, featuring Veena Malik, Karanvir Bohra, Vedita Pratap Singh, Vije Bhatia and Rajeev Anand.

Directed by Hemant Madhurkar, Mumbai 125 KM – 3D is slated to release in March, 2013.

Till then, check out the trailer right here:

Mumbai 125 KM 3D Movie Poster

Mumbai 125 KM 3D Movie Poster

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  • anamika
    1 year ago | Reply

    nice !!!

  • semea
    1 year ago | Reply

    @john its is horrified teaser not horrible kv u r the best the next superstar in Bollywood…

  • upsana
    1 year ago | Reply

    Kv u rock really amazing teaser lve u <3 <3 <3 <3

  • shree
    1 year ago | Reply

    It looks v interesting n horror is one of my fav genre! And to add to it , karnvir is a fab actor so I’m definitely watching it

  • nisha
    1 year ago | Reply

    love kv its gonna be super hit for sure

  • vicky
    1 year ago | Reply

    Love veena ji in this trailer, and karanvir, superb trailer love it

  • Sujay
    1 year ago | Reply

    It’s definitely going to be the best film of 2013, love the trailer, karanvir and veena are just looking awesome. All the best

  • Micky
    1 year ago | Reply

    suuuuuuuperb trailer

  • John
    1 year ago | Reply

    What horrible trailer!! How can anyone take a flying slut ghost seriously??

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