Makkhi Review

Makkhi Review (Makkhi Movie Poster)

Makkhi Movie Poster

Rating: 3/5 stars (Three-Stars)

Star Cast: Sudeep, Nani , Samantha and the protagonist – A House fly!, Ajay Devgan (voiceover)

What’s Good: Imagination, inventiveness , inspite of its absurdities at times, Director Rajamouli is able to carve a hilarious tale out of a make believe world where logic is intertwined with fantasy, some great computer graphics and visualisation.

What’s Bad: The name itself maybe, the climax seems a bit extended.

Loo Breaks: Few and far between in the first half . Close to none in the second, you would want to grab the scheming ‘Makkhi’ as it plots the downfall.

Watch or Not: Not just for the kids, even the adults might want to have a look atleast once at this piece. They just might end up rooting for the ‘housefly’ !

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Makkhi, a revenge story of Jani (Nani) who is head over heels in love with Bindu (Samantha), left only to be murdered by play boyish businessman Sudeep (Sudeep) . Jani then is reborn as a housefly on the path to revenge and tries his best to avenge his death. But would he be able to quench his thirst for Sudeep’s blood, would he be able to reunite with Bindu, his love? or would he be quashed under one of the devious plans of Sudeep?

On the surface, Makkhi looks like just another Southern flick on the piles that we catch every week on the idiot box, one that you might ignore but scratch and look beneath it and you get a refreshing Revenge flick after many years, so what if it’s a rebirth tale , so what if the protagonist is just a housefly here ! For the common masses Humse Hai Muqabla , Dashavatram, Nayak and Robot have been perhaps the Southern movies they loved having a dekko at , this might be another one added to the kitty.

Makkhi Review: Script Analysis

Rebirth, well, it has been a tried and tested formula for ages , ever since we had Karz and Karan Arjun etc. But the revenge and rebirth gets a new angle as we witness it all from a housefly’s point of view. So expect the fly to be smacked with a tennis ball, fall and come out of a sherbet, survive in a running drain , eagles flying all over and even shots of bullets and tantric vidya to name a few. Some brilliant thought process and visualisation, reservoirs of creativity unleashed here.

Sudeep in a still from Makkhi Movie

Sudeep in a still from Makkhi Movie

Makkhi Review: Star Performances

Sudeep as the womanizer, a business tycoon lynching at every gorgeous woman he eyes stands out from the rest. He has been hailed as the King of remakes in down south, using Tamil and Telugu titles to make it big in the Kannada cinema. However, here he has done his bit. As a devious money minded soul, he never thinks twice before enticing women to clinch deals or even killing his partners for profit. The only thing that stops him in his march though is a small, harmless housefly. He plays his part here and stands out from the rest of the cast. Jani doesn’t have much of the role assigned to him however he does bring a smile or two in the initial half an hour. Samantha as Bindu is calm and composed in her role. She is in love but is too hesitant to tell him, her scenes with Nani add charm to the story. But the star  here is the protagonist Makkhi who has been crafted with some exquisite and fine artistry by animators from around the globe.

Makkhi Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Director from south, S. S. Rajamoulli ,who earlier gave us Vikramarkudu and Maryada Ramana (Rowdy Rathore and Son of Sardar, the Hindi remakes) is back with his Telugu flick Eega dubbed into Makkhi . He is able to touch the heart of his audience just by the sheer brilliance with which he captivates the mind of the housefly here. The music best said is just the right mix here for such a movie, the track ‘Are Are Are’ by KK is a hummable ballad, stays with you. The title song is catchy too, though the entire soundtrack isn’t for keeps. The screenplay and the VFX, Animation and computer graphics makes your chest swell up a bit that the film’s after all made in India. The movie has about 2234 live Action Animation shots and around 90 minutes of the 137 minutes is animation based.

Makkhi Review: The Last Word

The movie deserves a 3* from my desk. A blend of Animation , VFX, visualisation and some great screenplay, ‘Makkhi’ is an art that’s worked for Director Rajamoulli yet again. Definitely a must watch for the kids and Animation lovers.

Not just for the kids, even the adults might want to have a look atleast once at this piece. They just might end up rooting for the ‘housefly’ !

There’s even a Makkhi dance with the end credits, expect Salman Khan’s towel dance and Ajay Devgan’s Son Of Sardaar performance by this cheeky fly as you leave the theatre.

Makkhi Trailer

Makkhi released on 12th October, 2012.

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  • Parashar
    3 years ago | Reply

    nyc film,

  • Sandip
    3 years ago | Reply

    Mera favourite movie me se ek hai. Love story to fantastic hai. Aur ye v dikhaya gya hai ki chota v bohot bada kaam kar sakta hai. Nyc.

  • vivel paul
    3 years ago | Reply

    verrryyy verryyyy niceee heart touched movie.boht hi acchi dil ko chu jane wali luv story h GAJNI SE BHI ACCHI LUV STORY H hero ki aatma makkhi banke vilain sudeep se badla leti h tadpa tadpa ke nicceee revenge plzz iska agla part jhaldi banao sayad next part south jaisa 100 crore bussines kre

  • 3 years ago | Reply

    verryy nice heart touched movie

  • 3 years ago | Reply

    veerryy verrryy nice heart touched movie plz soon released its 2nd part aage kya hota heroine bindu ko hero (as makkhi) kis kis bachata h ya uska puner janam hota hai

  • 3 years ago | Reply

    verryyy veeryyyy veeryyy ggood movie dil ko chu jane wali movie hai GAJNI se bhi accchi luv story h hero ki aatma makkhi banke badla leti h nice revange story jaisa hero tadpa tha waise hi vailen sudeep ko tadpa ke marta h good movie 100% paisa vasool hai

  • 3 years ago | Reply

    verrryyyyy verryyyyyy goood dil ko chune wali movie h

  • Ramesh
    3 years ago | Reply

    not sure if this author has ever seen such a wonderful movie. He must watch this movie properly and write his reviews.

  • Rani
    3 years ago | Reply

    MAKKHI is different movie, like a very nice movie…… must watch

  • ashish raj.s
    3 years ago | Reply

    i like very much

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