Ek Tha Tiger Review

Rating: 3/5 stars (Three stars)

Ek Tha Tiger Review (Ek Tha Tiger Movie Poster)

Ek Tha Tiger Movie Poster

Star Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ranvir Shorey and Girish Karnad.

What’s Good: The cinematography; some twists in the film; the music.

What’s Bad: The plot seems stretched; unexplained loops.

Loo Break: Not really.

Watch or Not: Watch Ek Tha Tiger for Salman Khan at the top of his game and some exciting action scenes.


India is in safe hands with RAW spies like Tiger (Salman Khan) who chase, beat and gun down enemies of the state no matter which foreign country they are in. Forever on the move, Tiger’s latest assignment is to observe the movements of a certain Trinity College scientist in the UK. Accustomed to using his fists for getting information, our desi 007 finds it a bit difficult to get close to this aloof scientist.

But there’s the professor’s beautiful housekeeper Zoya (Katrina Kaif) who can help Tiger. In the guise of a writer, Tiger prances around with Zoya and ends up falling for her; just as his colleague Gopi (Ranvir Shorey) had warned him not to.

So what could be the twist in this story? Considering that it’s a YRF product, the rest of the movie has enough romance, action and chase sequences to look forward to. Can Zoya and Tiger make it? Watch the movie for the ultimate twist in the tale.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif (Ek Tha Tiger Movie Stills)

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif (Ek Tha Tiger Movie Stills)

Ek Tha Tiger Review: Script Analysis

Aditya Chopra’s story smartly mixes a spy thriller with a love story which is sort of exciting. Kabir Khan and Neelesh Misra’s script has its share of flaws. The story of the scientist in the first half shows Tiger quite inept as a spy and isn’t even given a proper conclusion. Also, why RAW decides to help their rogue agent Tiger towards the end is up to the viewers to decide. The movie also seems a bit long with the duo on the run most of the time. Dialogues are good and keep a good dose of humour.

Also, you heave a sigh of relief to see a movie that talks about Pakistan and India and doesn’t indulge in jingoism or have a long patriotic tirade about Mera Desh.

Ek Tha Tiger Review: Star Performances

Salman Khan is good as Tiger except that his expressions can seem a bit blank at times. Katrina Kaif is lovely as Zoya and smoothly carries off her bubbly and emotional scenes. Though Ranvir Shorey doesn’t have much screen time as Tiger’s comrade Gopi, he is wonderful in his role. Girish Karnad performs well as Tiger’s boss, Shenoy.

Ek Tha Tiger Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Kabir Khan’s direction is well done though he does make Salman Khan’s Tiger more superhero than spy. Ek Tha Tiger might seem a bit long in between, but once the action starts, it gets on track. Julius Packiam’s background score is alright. Sohail Sen and Sajid-Wajid’s songs are good. Cinematography by Aseem Mishra is very nice. Rameshwar Bhagat’s editing is good. Visual effects are nice but they seem choppy in some sequences.

Ek Tha Tiger Review: The Last Word

For those asking, yes, Salman Khan does take off his shirt. Salman fans won’t be disappointed by Ek Tha Tiger. For others, it’s a fun watch even though it’s a bit long.

Ek Tha Tiger Trailer

Ek Tha Tiger releases on 15th August 2012.

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  • vishnu badaganvi
    11 months ago | Reply

    the real tiger

  • wasim raza khan
    2 years ago | Reply

    Its too good movie, salman khan kaitrina kaif iz rock, salman khan iz real tiger khan nd dabanagg khan.

  • manish verma
    2 years ago | Reply

    wow ky super kool hero hai m salman khan ka bhut bada fan hu……

  • ammar sultan
    2 years ago | Reply

    bollywood king salman khan

  • ammar sultan
    2 years ago | Reply

    ek tha tiger salman khan moive best in the world block buster

  • arif sarker
    2 years ago | Reply

    Bbecause of the prize raising channi express make so much money.salman Mental will break all the record which is or will creating this year.

  • wasim khan
    2 years ago | Reply

    salmankhan is best ek tha tigar god fim

  • Shadab khan
    2 years ago | Reply

    Express chennai is so boring mvi its only time pass and only entertainment and salman is ready to realese the mental movie and he is also block blaster boxofice they wil 100 crore in 2 days

  • Mohit Jaiswal
    2 years ago | Reply

    Salman khan is the best…. Ypu cannot macth anyone wid salman khan… From starting onwards he have a fame and sucess.. Dats y on this age also he is giving the biggest blockbluster film….

  • Manas kunal
    2 years ago | Reply

    I am the biggest fan of Salman khan. Salman khan is the most successfull ,handsome and laborious actor in the world.

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