Release Date:

Cast: Poonam Pandey

Director: Amit Saxena

Producer/s: Surender Suneja, Aditya Bhatia

Writer: Ajit Rajpal

Plot: ‘Nasha’ is the story of an 18 year old boy who falls hopelessly in love with a 25 year old woman. A woman he cannot have, but a woman he cannot help but desire. And, as is the case with desires unfulfilled, they turn into obsessions. Yet, every obsession is a lesson learnt, an experience gained. So that, in the course of coping with his unrequited love, the boy requites a lot more. Both he and the woman come of age. Beyond mere years, in the truest sense of…

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Rating: 1/5 stars (One Star)

Star cast: Poonam Pandey, Shivam Patil

Director: Amit Saxena

What’s Good: Poonam’s ‘Skin Show’ thrust on audiences persistently.

What’s Bad: The film

Loo break: Stay in the Loo!

Watch or Not?: Nasha flaunts its titillating skin show with such pride that it will grotesque you out. Incoherent and ridiculous, this one is lowly and substandard juvenile…

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