Jai Ho kicked off to a monumental start at the domestic box office. Though the expectations from the film are pinning high, the film was a normal Friday release with no holiday season to bank on for its income. It is a matter of great credibility that the ticket prices have been homogeneously kept low for the audiences unlike Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 when the ticket rates shot up to a whole new level of high.

Salman Khan in a still from movie 'Jai Ho'
Salman Khan in a still from movie ‘Jai Ho’

The film picked up to a great occupancy in the morning shows in most circuits and even the multiplexes recorded an 80% plus occupancy. But in many circuits like Punjab, U.P and Delhi, the film’s opening day results were much lower than the standards recorded during the release of Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger or even Dabangg 2.

But from single screens the income has been in the same range as expected, with earnings from CI, CP and Rajasthan soaring high consistently all through the day.

The film’s income settled at 17.50 crores nett at the Domestic Box Office. But in no way is Jai Ho even close to Salman breaking his own record at the box office or highest opening day that he touched with Ek Tha Tiger. Over the weekend the film will perform way better but the lower ticket prices will hinder it from emerging as a record smasher of sorts.

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  1. I dunno about ticket prices elsewhere, but I watched it in Inox, South City in Kolkata yesterday, 3 05 show, and the price was 500. (I am seriously unaware if that is low ticket price). For those who don’t believe me are free to check out the ticket price in the afformentioned place at . So the film ain’t working, stop blaming other factors.

  2. I don’t think it exact box office collection…
    however some controveries lies with sallu bhai..
    but ticket prices are low and other than this it was not holiday release…
    we expect that it will stair up…on sunday till then wait.

  3. Typical salman movie without head or brain.. Does not deserve to be watch.. Grow up guys, create something new.. We are bored of watching one hero hitting 100people..

  4. dissapointed… A salman khan movie is so much expected that it almost becomes holiday proof… i am sure any big stars movie(shahrukh, amir or salman, maybe hrithik/ranbir) whose movie is as promoted/hyped as this was should have crossed 20 crore atleat. A holiday release should have nsured atleast 30 plus crore with the high number of screens it is releasing in. 17 plus crore is highly underwhelming

  5. Why so much justification ?
    Bad movie is a bad movie and can’t pull the crowds ….why compare with c.e or d3
    Which were faaar better than this remake .
    Bad luck salman …if you to bad work you can’t survive

  6. A few comments on social media:

    “The best thing about Salman Khan movies is that you can review them without even watching.”

    “Salman khan is the most eco friendly guy, saves paper by not doing any film which require script. #respect ”

    “Agar Aapko haisa lagta hai ki hamne aap ki sirr dukhaya hai toh aap gaali math dijiye, instead cinema ke bahar 3 logon ki help kijiye aur unhe iss film dekhne se rokhiye.”

    FLOP HO !!!!!