Krrish 3‘s being hailed as a blockbuster everywhere. And there surely is nothing wrong with the statement as the film emerged as the fastest joiner of the 200 crore club and is soon to defeat the box office numero uno Chennai Express‘ lifetime records. But then again from a business perspective, Krrish 3 ranks below many other films whose lifetime incomes stand below its magnanimous number.

Despite the hefty earning at the box office, the film isn’t even a hit yet. Being reportedly made on a lavish budget of 115-120 crores, the film will need 230-240 crores at the box office to become just a ‘hit’.

Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan and Vivek Oberoi in a Krrish 3
Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan and Vivek Oberoi in a Krrish 3

While 230 crores won’t be a difficult mark to cross given its pace, to tread into the superhit zone will nearly be impossible for the film. The film needs a lifetime amount of 285+ crores at the domestic box office to be declared a superhit. Given that Ramleela is releasing this week, Krrish 3 will invariably face screen crunch that will make the mark even more difficult to attain.

The following week after Ramleela will see the release of Singh Saab The Great that will claim its single screen audiences. Later, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein! and Ramleela will battle it out at the multiplexes. The film won’t diminish starkly but will dwindle off soon, way before reaching even near the Superhit mark.

Definitely the film is one of the most stellar box office performers this month. Fastest 200 crores, smooth 100 crores and perhaps soon to be the highest collection ever raked by a Bollywood film in the domestic circuit, the film in all likelihood will fail to be a superhit in terms of business.

N.B – The production investment quoted by us has been taken from a reliable business source. Koimoi tried contacting the producers for the official figures however, they did not revert on the same. Parameters for India Box Office Verdict of a Movie are as follows: 

Hit: Film which doubles the investment; Super-Hit: Film which more than doubles the investment by additional 50%; Average: Film which only recovers investment; Plus: Film which recovers investment & yields some profit; Flop: Film which loses 50% or more of investment; Losing: Film which does not recover the investment but loses less than 50% of it.

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  1. OK, now a big budget film like Krrish 3 cannot be judged by its budget.
    Ra.One made 120 crores against a 125 crores budget but was declared hit.
    Box office Verdict is given only on how much distributors earn, not producers.
    Krrish 3 is all time blockbuster. Real collections of Krrish 3 till wednesday is 198 crores. It is chasing 218 crores of CE.
    Oh, and I am a SRK fan so you may be sure there is no bias.

  2. From Day One You Guys are With such Amazing Theories

    with This logic Mukesh Ambani would have been least profitable businessperson….

    Come On have a heart If some one spend 1 Lakhs and made profit of 2 Lakhs can not be compared to Some one who made a profit of 130-150 CRORES… Which is TOOOOOO Much..
    this is NOT just mathematics It’s Common Sense; Just Respect That..

  3. What a big joke!!!

    Ra1 budget 125cr
    collection 120cr
    status: semi hit

    Don2 budget 80cr
    collection 115cr

    Rockstar budget 50cr
    collection 65cr
    status:semi hit

    ZNMD budget 55cr
    collection 90cr
    status:super hit

    Dabangg2 budget 75cr
    collection 148cr

    and indicine already k3 as ATBB

  4. sir i don’t agree with you collection is not everything for a film if i make a film of 1000 crore ant the movie collects 800 crores which will be record but still u will say the film will be flop i think u need to think before making this kind of statements just don’t see how much was invested and how much recovered see ow much it collected in how many screens in how many days that’s makes a film hit super hit or blockbuster not the return of investment

  5. if we take someone`s favour for long time then it is awkward that other person becomes more powerful. i mean koimoi had supported khans from very long time,if hrithik will give more 3 films like krrish 3 then koimoi will start to take favour of hrithik.

  6. pagal ho gaya hai kya. You must be receiving money from SRK camp for negative reviews. You want to play smart but results being a fool. People are not stupid and you cant write these articles and and expect us to to believe. Really, GET WELL SOON.

  7. was made on a budget of 125 cr. and grossed just 120 cr and still everyone called it a hit!! now krrish 3 is made on a budget of 110 cr and grossed 220 crores and is still not a hit!!wtf?

    • very good reply.. is hit and this did not recover its budget and krissh3 is not a hit still getting 100 crore profit what a article koimoi.. what to say about these people at koimoi.

  8. wtf? koimoi is being too much.. are u jealous of krrish 3 success. collecting 200 cr with huge budget doesn’t mean that its not a hit movie.without huge budget,the movie wont have been good..

  9. This actually makes sense and is the same method used by hollywood when declaring if a movie is a hit or not. that is not to diminish the success of K3 but when it comes to ROI then it’s not as successful as lower budget movies and that’s what investors are interested in. Personally I would live to see K3 become a massive hit as it shows progress in Bollywood if it fails to give a good ROI in future investors will not be part of projects of this scale.

  10. Wtf koimoi . U cant post this type of article. U r seriouly jealous frm kriss 3 or u get funding by srk for all doing this bull shit .

  11. Please remove this article. One actor is doing lot of hard work and u mindless people just makes bull shit of him . From now I ill not open this site and will not see komal nahta show on etc .u changed ur name good bye . Komal nahta is seriously mindless critic ever . Be generous like taran .

  12. everybody that is complaining about this article just STFU… they’re reporting based on the numbers they have and return on investment is the only way to determine a hit or a flop….if u think this is biased then what abt the sites that are reporting 166 cr collections till date….there is still a lot of confusion and debate over the actual collections of the film and where is that bald headed freak Rakesh Roshan he should come up with the actual collections of the film until it comes from the producer all this talk is waste of time

  13. hey koimoi ..if a movie bdgt is 500cr and its collection is 800 cr thn the movie is only avg not a hit ..
    proft 300cr and just only avg
    hey say st frwd that u r fan of srk……..

  14. Krrish 3 is a all time blockbuster because the distributor share is very high as the business has happened due to single screens . So the profit is huge . Out of 250 crores(if it reaches) the share of distributor will 135 crore plus

  15. don’t worry Rakesh Roshan sir will revise his film’s collections after reading this article and the finale collections of the film will be 285cr+ to make his film a super hit..aftar all it won’t be a big task, it’s his film and he only decides about its collections and verdict!

  16. Its not like that.if we want to see progress in our bollywood industries we should accept every hero not to spread rumours but support every movie to see big hits in future

        • Study? Tum log ke illiterate dimaag ko study karneka itna time nahi hai mere paas. all i know is koimoi’s parameters are correct. and they are stating the fact !

          • Really??????Have you went through a mental checkup? Try to take some time out of your busy schedule and visit a psychologist nearby. A real good one.

          • Hey Mr. Reader, do u know how many production houses are involved in so called PLUS / HIT / SUPER-HIT movies????? If u know then what will be the profit share of each???? and how many production houses are involved in making KRRISH 3????what will be the profit for that single production house????hit / super-hit parameters are counted on business profit for each, not on total/mass business profit… you have no idea my friend regarding this business…so plz stop making nonsense comments….koimoi is totally absurd and so are u…if u don’t have the time for study then u shouldn’t have the time to comment……

      • You think understanding English is a big deal?????BTW what u tried to prove others (illiterate) is best suited to you. Don’t make fun of your foolishness and try to keep it to yourself. People like you are just awful with their more awful kind of justification. You too ,GET WELL SOON.

  17. first koimoi blamed krrish 3, after it earned well so said good about krrish3 so after 13 days thet trying to give justification of ther rating 2.5

  18. made on a hefty budget of 150 crore with additional 52 crore spent on promotion i.e 200 crore,now why koimoi team with these “parameters” declared that a, now a new theorm has been inroduced by koimoi team in mathematics 117 crore=2*(202 crore)

  19. who worries about hit or super hit status???
    at least krrish 3 has something new for domestic audience…
    any ways 230 cr in india is always a great figure….
    kudos to chennai express too…
    both ce and krrish 3 are boxoffice winners as 3 idiots’ record was safe for almost 181 weeks….
    have some respect for hard work and innovative work in terms of vfx and effects…
    many many congo to krrish team…

  20. Very Lame Explanation. Let me clear 1 thing friends that When a movie does a business of 150 Crore Profit Then How it can be said that its not a Blockbuster ? For a small budget Movie its very easy to do good business if content accepted but for big movie it always has risk. And Krrish 3 does unimaginable business. So u dont go with the imagination that if a movie makes its profit double its Hit/Average or whatever. It depends on How Big Money it has gained as profit after its expenses. Thanks

    • What about satellite rights, music and worldwide rights? Somehow the KOIMOI team is not very happy that it has broken Chennai Express record. They have been trying to undermine the success while desperately projecting themselves as neutral. Ethics have never been strong point of Indian journalism.

  21. Koimoi,Does’nt even know how to Calculate now.

    How can you Ignore the 10 Endorsements(like TataMotors,DelMonte IceCream,Pens,etc) that are strung throughout the Movie???

    If you take that into account(Approx 20 Crores Earnings from that);Then Krish 3 has Already earned Rs 242 Crores in India(before we take into account International Collections).

    Thats enough for this Film to become a Super-Hit!!!

    Please calculate properly first!

    • only count theatre collection to measure a film hit or flop.
      satelite and dvd rights music rights and endorsment revenue is considered besharam may be in blockbuster status

  22. The Fact is Krissh 3 has not made as much as they declare here but who cares. Same goes with CE – they never broke the record of Ek Tha Tiger first day opening but this site says they did. On the whole if public wants to watch movie they will go regardless of what the figures are and what the critics say so never take bollywood figures seriously.

  23. so u want to say that if a movie is made of a 10 crore budget and earns 30 crores it is a super hit movie,,,but when a big budget movie like krrish 3 which is made on a 100-115 crore budget earns 230 crore ,which is more than 100 crore profit, it is still not a superhit,,,,,what a deduction!!!

  24. senseless post… don’t know from where these people get these disgusting calculations..
    according to this post dhoom 3 will have to do a business of atleast 350 cr to be a superhit…
    and it is also confirmed..
    whatever they say.. am happy dat a good movie in krrish 3 did such super business.

  25. krish3 budget is 120cr, if it collects 230cr. ,its verdict will b all time blockbuster, since chennai express is all time blockbster, ce has a budget of 130cr and its life time is 227cr, is here anything wrong in comment??? If wrong then please explain,.,,…

    • First of all u need some mental treatment bcz C.E budget was not 130cr, C.E budget was only 70cr. thats why C.E is an all time blockbuster, Krrish3 budget is about 120-130cr , so K3 has to earn minimum 250-260cr for HIT category , and needs 350cr for superhit….. duffer

  26. KoiMoi is it true that Krrish 3 figures have manipulated their figures to avoid thrashing by the media ?
    Sources say they’ve asked exhibitors not to reveal the orignal figures & also the difference between BOI & Producer’s figures exceeds a mind twisting <59 crores.
    How is this possible for any movie ?
    Please revert to my comment.

    • Yes, its manipulated to become highest grosser of bollywood.Thats why most of the news channels wont publish it break records.
      hate those Cheap tricks to make something popular


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