There has been a constant, unanimous feeling that everything about Dhoom 3 has been kept too much in wraps. We all wished for the whole song or a lot more of the plotline. But Koimoi brings for our audiences a sneak-peek of the awaited film’s storyline.

The story of Dhoom 3 will kickstart with Sahir (played by Aamir Khan) assisting his father, played by Jackie Shroff in their circus. Sahir picks up the trade tricks from his father. However, the child is left with a traumatized childhood as he witnessed the death of his father (Jackie Shroff) who is murdered. A young and impressionable Sahir decides to avenge the death of his father.

Aamir Khan in a still from Dhooom 3
Aamir Khan in a still from Dhooom 3

The film then takes a predictable leap: the young Sahir is now running his own circus along with the Gymnast Aaliya. But Sahir’s real motive is to rob the circus owners possibly because he presumes of their involvement in his father’s murder.

ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan), along with Ali (Uday Chopra) are given the task of nabbing the robber who is so slick with his misdeeds that he is hard to catch. It doesn’t take Jai long to zero on the robber but there is no proof of his crimes. Jai sticks to his classic method of catching Sahir red handed and lays out a trap to grab Sahir when in action!

What remains reserved for the film is the climax whether he will be caught like John Abraham in Dhoom or he will begin life afresh like Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2. The presence of Aamir assures that the ending will be unusual, pretty much what your expect from Mr perfectionist!

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  1. koimoi has written the story based on now u can see me but the.shooting of d3 had finished before nw u can c me was released

  2. if u watch hollywood movie “now you see me” you don’t need to watch dhoom_3. dhoom-3 is a copy of hollywood movie “now you see me”…….which is really awesome.

  3. Even If they are trying to make copy of “Now You See Me”, they can’t. Cause copying also requires brains.I just hope that D3 will not be NYSM copied version,if it is than thumps-down from my side. They can’t match NYSM master-class and awesomeness.

  4. those who are comparing dhoom 3 with now you see me are just bunch of stupids and worthless morons.. first watch now you see me and then comment.. what the hell?? a movie which is not released yet is being compared with a hollywood film!! get a life losers.. :@

  5. This much story can be made out from the promo.. Is there anything new you can give in… This is just a speculation from the promo

  6. So the rumours proved to be correct that Dhoom3 is a copy of NOW YOU SEE ME..Aamir and Dhoom3 crew waited in USA for this movie to release and watch it first hand as the storyline of the movie was already out and meantime they completed some action sequences as action sequences will be same whatever the storyline of the movie and it is norm to shoot action sequeces early .The story is same like U SEE ME as the main robber in that movie is robbing the people who killed his magician father and he has learned some magical tricks from his father.Even action sequences have been copied as you can see Old man Aamir running on the top of the building and money flowing which same as U SEE ME , the only thing is that In DHOOM3 the scene looks fake and old man Aamir looks very stupid while running whileas in U SE ME it looks breathtaking..Aamir is perfect robber as all his movies are copied .Taare Zamin pe was stolen from its writer who was bullied to abandon so that he takes credit.He could even bully CHETAN BHAGAT to take credit for 3idiots story ..Flop show SATAYMEV jayate was a straight copy of ZIINDAGI Live on IBN with even same guests and the only difference was that
    Zindagi live was 1000 times more worthwatching than boring SJ ayte wchich was watched only by Aamirs friends and wife Kiran and Bhaanja Imran Khan.He is Perfectionist stealer who watches all the videos and world movies for 2 to 3 years and then copies many with his director to make a movie out of it.His intelligence can be seen in his interviews where he speaks like a dumb person who knows nothing about the world .But this DUMB Person is a perfect stealer and his fans get easily fooled by his dumb talks and it seems they dont care to check whether he is lying or not.But this time first see the movie YOU SEE ME and then decide yourself.There will be some things which will be different from that movie but the basic idea is same.I think such directors, actors (whosoever) should be banned from now on so that new directors who rely on their own originality and concepts thrive eg Paan singh thomar, Kai po Chai, Bhaagh milkha bhaag, Lage Raho Munna bhai, OMG, DDLJG, and even Aashutosh’s LAGAAN which this dumb actor rejected three times before he could agree to finance it.I am sure he was blackmailing Aashoutosh and made him concede to be the producer himself to take the maximum credit while the credit should go to the original conceivers of the story and in this case Aashatoush.Give originality a chance to thrive and lead and reject the poor copies of Hollywood movies unless you are informed by the makers beforehand.

  7. aamir is a amazing actor his dhoom3 is setting a new record.. some people are jealous thtswhy they r saying bullshits about him Aamir is a legend… frst of all go and watch the movie it is an international movie there is no bollywood masala .. good job aamir love you….. some people are dumb thts why they are jealous of your success lol…


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