Check Out: Salman Khan Starrer Jai Ho’s Fake Movie Poster!

Well this is a fan made poster of Salman Khan’s upcoming magnum opus film Jai Ho (previously called Mental) and definitely isn’t the real one! However, the poster has been doing rounds on the internet for a while now.

Not only the imperfect star cast of the film that is mentioned on the poster, but the most striking “An Sohail Khan Production” clearly makes it a fake, fan made one! Also, the poster looks incomplete without a release date.

However, the poster just goes on to prove that the hype for Salman Khan’s next film is insurmountable and fans are eagerly awaiting a glimpse of his next with bated breaths.

Take a look at the “Fake” poster right here:

Salman Khan in Jai Ho Fake Movie Poster

Salman Khan in Jai Ho’s Fake Movie Poster

As confirmed by the director Sohail Khan, the film is scheduled to release on 24th January, 2014. It will be Salman’s next screen outing after a lapse of a year since his last film Dabangg 2 had released in December, 2012. Fans simply can’t wait for it and this might just just be an impetus for the film’s makers to reveal its details to the eager fans at the earliest.

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  • deepaksinghd
    11 months ago | Reply

    im deepak singh
    my hindi muvi

  • shawn
    1 year ago | Reply

    i loved the you all

  • king
    2 years ago | Reply

    there is a scenes in original film where the hero will have a severe heart pain,but yet he fights with 100 ppl..similarly our lallu khan will fight 100 ppl shirtless..epic roflmao..

  • king
    2 years ago | Reply

    the original was irritating film and this one’s gonna cross all limitations of agitation…

  • sam
    2 years ago | Reply

    What a persona this man has got… the fake poster also sells… Jai ho Salman khan…..

  • jamshiaid
    2 years ago | Reply

    eagerly waiting

  • Usman
    2 years ago | Reply

    Lallu actor best actor forever srk

  • tan
    2 years ago | Reply

    fake,,,,,,,,, thnx to Zarine khan

  • tan
    2 years ago | Reply


    2 years ago | Reply

    who cares about that!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ROHIT
      2 years ago | Reply

      are bhai log unlike marne se pehle pura baat to sunlo………who cares about the salman expect thelawala ,riksawala,pani pori wala.

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