Poonam Pandey Gained 6 kgs For Her Role In ‘Nasha’

Poonam Pandey, who gained 6 kgs for her role in her debut movie Nasha, was sceptical about putting on extra pounds to acquire the curves for the role.

The model, whose offer to go nude before Team India if they won the Cricket World Cup had hit the headlines in 2011, have been a bikini model and maintained a size zero. However, for her role in Nasha, director Amit Saxena told her to gain weight.

Poonam Pandey on the sets of Nasha Movie

Poonam Pandey on the sets of Nasha Movie

“I was sceptical before going ahead with it but when I read the script, I thought I would not justify the role unless I don’t gain some weight to fit the bill,” Poonam told IANS.

Produced by Aditya Bhatia, Nasha is an adult film and Poonam gave up her disciplined diet routines and gorged on junk food.

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