First of all, I would like to thank my job for giving me an opportunity to express my feelings about the things I love. For the next 300 words, approximate, we’ll talk only and only about Ranveer Singh.

Dear Ranveer ‘Khilji’ Singh,

You entered our lives as a doe-eyed Bitoo Sharma and soon it was not Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, it was Ladies LOVE Ricky Bahl. You’re not just an another actor Bollywood has gifted us, you’re one of us – an energetic update of a common man. As your Twitter bio reads – Living the dream, you’re not just living your dream, you’re living one of ours too.

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh

Let me share an incident with you (If you’re reading this!) – At my cousin’s wedding, after a backbreaking day of work when I reached the reception, everyone was exhausted. There was a DJ and how I cannot let my inner Ranveer Singh pop out to live the moment. Breaking the dance floor, I was grooving alone when one of my cousins shouted, “Itna thakne ke baad bhi naach raha hai, Ranveer Singh hai kya?” Yes! Ranveer, You’ve become the synonym for energy in our lives.

It’s not just your movies, we are fans of, it’s your off-screen personality too. I still remember, during Bajirao Mastani group interviews when Deepika was addressing a part of the media, how you started entertaining the other part of media by grooving on your songs & having the hilarious conversation with us. This is what sets you apart from everyone, this is what makes you Ranveer Singh.

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Everyone is talking about how you stole the screen in Padmavati trailer, but I’ll talk about how you’ve been stealing us since your debut. Remodifying your dialogue, “Meri acting ke baare mein aap Bollywood ke kisi bhi fan se puch lo, report achi hi milegi.” Today I take this opportunity of speaking on behalf of your every fan to say, “We Love You!”

Wishing you love and luck!

Best Regards


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