Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor: Best Dressed In Sari

Any woman who has ever worn a sari will agree that a sari never makes you look bad. You can drape it the way you want; you can style it to look demure, sexy or a complete bombshell! Bollywood ladies sure know how to be a head-turner in six yards of fabric. looks at how these Bollywood stars drape their saris…

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

If the sari looked gorgeous on anyone, it has to be Aishwarya Rai. While sticking to light coloured saris, Ash usually experiments with the blouse, though not always with successful results (case in point: the velvet, full-sleeved one at Cannes). But when the doe-eyed actress goes traditional, she can give everyone else a run for their money!

Katrina Kaif

Halter-neck, full-sleeved, sleeveless: though Katrina Kaif rarely takes the trouble to drape, she looks incredibly sexy when she does. Even then, the Brit-Indian actress sticks to chiffon saris.

Kareena Kapoor

The svelte Kareena Kapoor never shies from draping a sari. The sexy actress loves to show off her curves (and how!) and usually goes for the sari (mostly by Manish Malhotra) for non-promotional events. And yes, her blouses are to die for!

Priyanka Chopra

We’re not sure whether it’s her choice of sari or the blouse that just don’t do the trick for Priyanka Chopra. Though it’s very rare for her to go for a sari, we think that she should try a bit harder…

Deepika Padukone

When you’re as elegant and sexy as Deepika Padukone, you don’t need an excuse to show off your figure. As hot as the leggy star looks in her bandage dresses, she’ll keep the temperature soaring in her saris as well.

Vidya Balan

How can this list be complete without the patron saint of saris in Bollywood today: Vidya Balan! With her exquisite Sabyasachi saris, Vidya gives all other actresses a run for their money by bringing this graceful raiment back.

Anushka Sharma

Besides giving a lot of heartburn with that delicious figure, Anushka Sharma looks best when she goes 100% traditional in the sari (just look at her in that red sari!). Our only grouse is that the perky actress doesn’t don the sari too often…

Sonam Kapoor

The fashionista that she is, Sonam Kapoor keeps experimenting with her saris. To say the least, Sonam does look cute in them. While this star beti keeps her saris for those rare events, she manages to pull them off with élan.

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  • Neuza
    3 years ago | Reply

    I guess there is nothing as the most buietaful women in the world because when we say world its way to big beyond our comprehension and there so many natural beauties that they don’t enter beauty pagents to prove their beauty or physical appearance so its not right to even use such terms but she looks good .Has any one seen aishwarya rai in person i mean in reality coz i haven’t seen her so i can’t pass my judgement the photos i have seen are airbrushed photoshopped and with all decked but she has got the face which the camera loves in other words she is very photogenic.

  • Ashik saha
    4 years ago | Reply

    Vidya z d bstest,butiest,hot n sxy actrss.her curve,her killr luks,her smile attracted evry1.she luks gorgeous in evry get up.
    Accrdng 2 me Aish comes second n then bebo.d oder fnd no place in my list.

  • shree jain
    4 years ago | Reply

    Aishwarya…. looks vry beautiful

  • shree jain
    4 years ago | Reply

    Aishwarya is the best

  • javed-khan
    4 years ago | Reply

    best is aishwarya

    priyanka,kareena,sonam are worst

  • ranbir
    4 years ago | Reply

    aishwarya is best always…………second one is deepika

    kareena is a half man……..luk at her face……..just weird yar…

  • 4 years ago | Reply

    Kareena luks hot other thn…kareena bstest bst actress n her’s unique killer luk

  • maria
    4 years ago | Reply

    aishwarya rai bachchan

  • siara lopez
    4 years ago | Reply

    aishwarya roy

  • rahul batra
    4 years ago | Reply


    others are blah………just wastage

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